Here’s what the early reviewers of Undress For Success have to say:

  • Wouldn’t everyone love to work from home in whatever stage of undress we felt like? Before you take that leap, spend some time reading Undress for Success. It will step you through the process of figuring out whether work from home is a viable option and what you need to do to make it happen. - Alison Doyle, About.com Job Searching Guide
  • A clear, concise guide - Celine Roque, TheAppGap
  • A complete manual that you as an employee or you as an employer can trust - Robert Paterson, President of The Renewal Consulting Group Inc
  • If you want to find a way to work from home as an employee, freelancer, or home-based business owner, check out this book! - Lisa Orrell, The Orrell Group
  • A resource-packed book for people curious about how to start working from home - Jeff Rutherford, Zero to $1000
  • A wealth of options and how-to’s - Jack Nilles, JALA.com
  • Useful advice for working at home - Time magazine
  • Very readable and very interesting - Thursday Bram, LifeHack.com
  • It’s like having your own personal career coach - Allena Tapia, About.com
  • The best collection of teleworking “How-To’s” and “Why’s” that I’ve seen anywhere. This book is a gold mine for anyone seriously considering working from home. Whether you want to free-lance, operate your own business, or stay fully employed while you work at home, you’ll find dozens of hints and insights in this wonderfully entertaining and insightful book. And if you’re an employer who wants to attract and retain talented people, give them a copy of this book, send them home, and reap the benefits of their productivity and motivation. They’ll love you for enhancing their lives. - Jim Ware, Co-Founder, Future of Work Program and co-author of Corporate Agility—A Revolutionary New Model for Competing in a Flat World and(AMACOM 2007) and The Search for Digital Excellence (McGraw-Hill, 1998)
  • . . . Kate Lister and Tom Harnish have been there. They are practicing entrepreneurs. They know the problems, the terrors and joys of making their own future. The issues, the possibilities, the hazards, practical rules of operation and a wealth of options and how-tos are here for you to explore. . . . - Jack Nilles, president of JALA International and author of Managing Telework—Strategies for Managing the Virtual Office, the book that inspired nations to rethink the way to work (from the foreword for Undress For Success).
  • No one should attempt e-work until they understand how to be a competent e-worker. This unique and enlightening guide will help you open the door to e-work success—and improve every aspect of your life in the process. - Marcia Rhodes, Public Relations Director, WorldatWork
  • There’s never been a comprehensive guide to all aspects of telecommuting, until Undress for Success. Whether you want to work remotely occasionally in your current job, find a full-time eWork job, or start a business that allows you to work from or at home, Lister and Harnish cover all of the bases in this comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that clearly outlines the rules of success. - Cali Williams Yost, Fast Company expert and author, Work+Life Fit (Riverhead/Penguin Group, 2005)
  • Undress For Success is the perfect balance between covering all the details and doing so in an easy-to-read and light-hearted way. - Bob Fortier, President of InnoVisions Canada, and of The Canadian Telework Association
  • I wish I’d had this book when I first started out—it’s like having your own personal career coach. Reading this will save many new freelancers a lot of grief! - Allena Tapia, About.com: Freelance Writing Guide and Editor of Garden Wall Publications
  • If you’re an old-fashioned manager who’s obsessed with face time, hide this book now. There is no way your employees will commute to their cubicles Monday morning after reading this entertaining manifesto for ditching the panty-hose and actually enjoying work. - Laura Vanderkam, author, Grindhopping: Build a Rewarding Career without Paying Your Dues (McGraw-Hill, 2007)
  • You could spend years with focus groups, assemble cross-functional internal teams to study and recommend organizational changes, or simply read Undress For Success to obtain the practical knowledge necessary to better serve your customers; increase loyalty and productivity; avoid layoffs; and improve your profitability for whatever comes your way. Kate and Tom are the ‘guiding hands’ for self-reliant control of your future success from home! - Jack Heacock, SVP and Co-Founder of The Telework Coalition, Washington, D.C.

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