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We’ve synthesized information from over 250 studies on telecommuting and related topics. We interviewed dozens of work-at-home enthusiasts and challengers including researchers, Fortune 500 executives, virtual employers, freelance job boards (such as Guru and Elance), traditional job boards (such as Career Builder and Monster), venture capitalists who support the remote work model, and dozens of home-based workers in wide variety of professions.

We are happy to share our research with members of the press, bloggers, and other researchers. Below are summary pages / press releases about what we’ve learned. For more information, to request an interview, or to request custom research, please email info-at-undress4success-dot-com. Let us know what organization you represent, the reason for your interest, and how you intend to use the data when you write and we’ll help if we can.

Based on data from EPA, Census, and a number of other sources, we’ve also built a telecommuting savings model that shows if the 50 million Americans who could work at home did so 2.5 days a week (the national average), we could cut our Gulf Oil Dependence by 60%, save $40 billion at the pumps, and reduce greenhouse gases by 78 million metric tons each year. What’s more, by avoiding the commute, employees would gain back 2.5 weeks of free time each year. The experience at Sun Microsystems is that employees spend the majority of that time working.

Details about the potential for telework to solve a wide range of family, company, and societal problems

The latest statistics about the what, when, and why of who’s working from home

• An exhaustive summary of the pros and cons of telecommuting for individuals, companies, and communities

Our proprietary Telework Savings Calculator which calculates the fossil fuel, greenhouse gas, and other telework savings potential for each city, county, and state in the nation

Links and downloadable copies of the top telework research

Links to the top telecommuting advocacy groups and resources from around the world

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