What Are Your Telework Prospects?

If you work for a company and want to start telecommuting, how prepared your company is for telework will be a major factor in how easy it will be to convince them to let you do it. Here are a few questions to consider (scoring as the end).
1) Does your company have a data security policy?
a. No
b. I don’t know
c. Yes

2) Have you received data security training?
a. No
b. Yes

3) Overall, how well documented are your company’s policies, procedures, and operations?
a. Manuals, documentation? Forget it.
b. There’s lots of documentation, but it’s not very accurate or uptodate
c. There’s a manual for everything

4) Does you company have a technology resource or help desk you can call, email, or instant message when things aren’t working?
a. No
b. Yes

5) Can you remotely access most of the information you need to perform your job?
a. I don’t know
b. No
c. Yes

6) Does your company have a way to transfer your calls to another phone anywhere?
a. I don’t know
b. No
c. Yes

7) Do you respect your boss?
a. No
b. I don’t always agree with him, but he didn’t get to be the boss for no reason
c. I couldn’t ask for a better boss

8) Does your boss respect you?
a. About as far as he could throw me
b. As long as I do my job we get along
c. I feel like a valuable, trusted member of the team

9) How well do you know your job?
a. Just when I start to figure things out they change things and I have to start all over
b. I don’t know all the answers but I know where to find them
c. I’m the one everyone goes to when they need help

10) How many times in the last year did a co-worker or supervisor show you how do something?
a. Frequently
b. Seldom
c. Never

11) In your current job, how many times a week do you
meet, face-to-face with co-workers?
a. Constantly
b. Occasionally
c. Seldom

12) Which weather best describe your manager’s style:
a. Full-fledged tornado
b. Storm clouds looming
c. Frequently gusty winds
d. Mild and pleasant

14) How often are meetings called at the last minute?
a. Typically
b. Occasionally
c. Almost never

15) Pick the thing that best guarantees advancement in your organization?
a. Pandering to the higher-ups
b. Working long hours
c. Walking the walk and talking the talk
d. A good golf game
e. Living, breathing, not making waves
f. meeting and exceeding our goals and objectives

16) What would impress your boss most?
a. Coming in early and leaving late
b. Meeting my performance goals
c. Exceeding my performance goals

17) Which is more valued in your organization?
a. Team attitude
b. Performance

18) How would your boss rate your job performance?
a. Sub par
b. Average
c. Above average
d. Superstar

Scoring: Question 1: a or b=-1, c=+1. Question 2: a=-1, b=+1. Question 3: a or b=-1, c=+1. Question 4: a or b=-1, c=+1. Question 5: a or b=-2, c=+1, Question 6: a or b=-1, c=+1. Question 7: a=-2, b or c=+2. Question 8: a=-2, b=-1, c=+2. Question 9: a=-1, b or c=+1. Question 10: a=-1, b or c=+1. Question 11: a=-2, b=-1, c=+1. Question 12: a, b, or c=-1, d=+1. Question 13: a=-2, or b=-1, c=+1. Question 14: a to e=-1, f=+2. Question 15: a=-1, b or c=+2. Question 16: a=-1, b=+1. Question 17: a=-2,  b=-1, c=+1, d=+2.

If you (your company) scored less than 7 in this telework preparedness exercise, chances are there were some low scores in the areas of trust, respect, and results-based management philosophies. If this is the case, be forewarned that it may take more than a telework proposal to overcome their Neanderthal mindset.

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