Full eWork Companies

While most employers who allow telework make it a benefit or perk, some have embraced it wholeheartedly. With them, you interview, train and operate ‘virtually’ from your very first day on the job.

The biggest opportunities for pure telework are in the following fields:

  • call centers
  • virtual assistants and virtual concierges
  • transcription
  • teaching
  • remote tech support
  • writing
  • medicine

Call Center eWork Resources

Military Order of the Purple Heart provides free call center training for disabled veterans.

The National Telecommuting Institute (NTI) is a unique educational/job-matching organization pioneering the development of e-work jobs for Americans with disabilities. NTI staff bring together employers who have agreed to “go virtual,” advanced communications technology, and vocational rehabilitation agencies to enable individuals with disabilities to train for and work online in eWork environments that are more easily accessible to them.

CoraWorks provides training and job placement for disabled veterans, other disabled persons, and military spouses.

Virtual Assistant eWork Resources

Team Double Click offers a wealth of good information as well as contractor opportunities for existing and prospective VA’s.

IVAA.org – their code of ethics governs billing, privacy, confidentiality, and other issues. All VA’s should follow these guidelines.

Transcription Resources for eWorkers

Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) is a non-profit organization working to advance health data capture and documentation by setting standards for education and practice in the field of medical transcription/editing.

Medical Transcription Industry Association is a not-for-profit trade association serving the needs of medical transcription companies, vendors, and health information management professionals.

MTStars is a membership and networking organization with over 9,000 members. If you have any interest in medical transciption (MT) you must go there, sign up, and rummage around. You’ll get the straight scoop from those who know—they’ve been there, they’ve done that.

MTDesk is a complete online resource for medical transcription professionals. You WILL go there. You WILL read. You WILL be glad you did.

MTDaily is a web site with lots of good information for MT’s. Lots of good information. So don’t skip it.

MTIA Members:

(G) = General Members
(SV) = Supporting Vendor Members
(V) = Vendor Members
(A) = Associate Members
(AF) = Affiliate Members


3M Health Information Systems, Silver Spring, MD (G)


A Line Above The Rest, LLC, Boise, ID (G)

Acusis, Pittsburgh, PA (G)

Aero Transcription Service, Inc., Baltimore, MD (G)

Alegent Health, Omaha, NE (A)

ALL TYPE, Inc., North Brunswick, NJ (G)

America’s Pride, Baltimore, MD (SV)

Amicus Sten-Tel, Warren, VT (G)

Amphion Medical Solutions, Madison, WI (G)

ARCS Transcription Services, LLC, Langhorne, PA (G)


Bonnie Monico, Greensboro, NC (AF)


Cameo Corporate Services Limited, Tampa, FL (G)

CanScribe Career Centre, Inc., Lake Country, BC Canada (V)

Cardus, Inc, Farmington Hills, MI (G)

CBay Systems & Services Inc., Annapolis, MD (G)

Chantelle-MTIA, , (G)

Clerical Plus, Ltd, Cincinnati, OH (G)

Conscriptor, S-431 22 MoIndal, Sweden (G)

Cranium Esolutions, Inc., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philipines (A)

Crystal Develis, CMT, Phoenix, AZ (AF)

CTech, LLC, Troy, MI (G)


Davis Transcription, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA (G)

Dictaphone/ Nuance Corporation, Burlington, MA (SV)

Dictation Services Group, Inc., Jacksonville, FL (G)

Diskriter Inc., Pittsburgh, PA (G)


e-TC Transcription & Consulting, Inc., Amherst, OH (G)

EHRscribe, Pittsburgh, PA (G)

EMTS, Coral Springs, FL (G)

Encompass Medical Transcription, Inc., Waukesha, WI (G)

Enright Sten-Tel, Sayville, NY (G)

ExecuScribe, Inc., Rochester, NY (G)

Expert Medical Transcription, Inc., Miami, FL (G)


FoxTx Enterprises, San Diego, CA (G)

FutureNet Technologies Corporation, Monrovia, CA (V)


Greenlight Transcription, LLC, Portland, OR (G)

Greg Doggett, , (G)


Health Alliance Corporate Transcription, Cincinnati, OH (A)

Health Professions Institute (HPI), Modesto, CA (V)


Jacque Taylor, Salt Lake City, UT (AF)


Kathy Rockel, Greensboro, NC (AF)

Keystrokes Transcription Service, Inc., Yorkville, IL (G)


Lea Sims - MTIA, Jacksonville, FL (G)

Lee Perfect Transcribing Corporation, Chicago, IL (G)

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philidelphia, PA (V)


M*Modal, Laytonsville, MD (V)

M-TEC (Medical Transcription Education Center, Inc.), Fairlawn, OH (SV)

Med Trans, Inc., Moultrie, GA (G)

Medical INK Corporation, Naples, FL (G)

Medical Transcription Associates, Inc., Clifton, VA (G)

Medical Transcription Services, Inc., Green Bay, WI (G)

Medical Voice Tech Services, Inc., East Bend, NC (G)

MedicoTrans Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra India (G)

MxSecure, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ (G)


New England Medical Transcription, Inc., Woolwich, ME (G)

Notes N Quotes, Inc., Rowlett, TX (G)


Opti-Script, Inc., State College, PA (G)

Outsourcing Solutions Inc. (OSI), Jupiter, FL (G)


Pentacle Electronic Records & System, Inc, York, PA (G)

Pete Reily, Greensboro, NC (AF)

Primecare Data Transcription LLC, Jersey City, NJ USA (A)

PRN Funding, LLC, Cleveland, OH (V)


R&B Sten-Tel, Doylestown, PA (G)


Scribe Healthcare Technologies, Inc. (In2Scribe, Inc), Lake Forest, IL (V)

Spheris, Franklin, TN (G)

Superior Global Solutions, Inc., Bedford, NH (G)

Supna Healthcare Solutions, Norcross, GA (G)


Tiffany Wagner - MTIA, , (G)

Transcend Services, Atlanta, GA (G)

Transcript King, Inc, Chicago, IL (G)

Transcription Matchmaker, Bainbridge Island, WA (G)

Transcription Relief Services, Inc., Greensboro, NC (G)

Transcription, Etc., Washington, DC (G)

Transcriptionz Ltd., Tauranga, New Zealand (G)


Valley Transcription Service, Salem, OR (G)


The largest medical transcription service organizations include:

  • Acusis
  • Axolotl
  • CBay
  • DSG
  • Encompass
  • Focus Informatics
  • Heartland
  • MDI
  • MedQuist
  • MedScribe
  • Spheris
  • SPi- CyMed
  • Sten-Tel
  • Superior Global
  • Transcend
  • Transtech

Other large MTSOs include:

  • Accentus
  • Bollick
  • Eggleston Medscribe Inc.
  • eTransPlus
  • Gulf Coast Transcription
  • iMedX
  • IntelliType
  • JLG
  • Med Script
  • Medical Office Services
  • Inc.MidMaine Transcription
  • Miner Transcription
  • MTC
  • OSI
  • OTI
  • Perfect Transcription
  • QT
  • Skilled Transcription Services
  • TeletrakMT
  • Transcription USA
  • Transcription Relief
  • TransHealth
  • Transolutions
  • Transkrit
  • TSG
  • Zydoc

Distance Teaching Resources


Information on post-secondary school accreditation:

Council for Higher Education Accreditation
U.S. Department of Education
North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL)


Make Money Teaching Online, a terrific book by Danielle Babb, PhD, and Jim Mirabella, DBA. Babb is also the author of Finding Foreclosures, Real Estate v2.0, Commissions at Risk, and The Accidental Landlord.

Remote Tech Resources


For humorous insight into the life of tech support people, visit TechComedy

Writer Resources

Freelance Writing eWork Sources

JournalismJobs.com, Guru.com, Elance.com, HollywoodReporterJobs.com, FreelanceWritingGigs.com, Craigslist.com, SunOasis.com, ProBlogger.net.

WritersMarket.com: Writer’s Market, the book, is widely known as the source for information about how and where to sell your words. For a small monthly fee, online subscriptions offer information about who’s buying what and how much they pay. It includes listings for over 6,000 editors of magazines, trade journals, book publishers, and literary agents.

PublishersMarketplace.com: Free and paid access to information about agents, editors, book deals, and jobs in the publishing industry.

WoodenhorsePub.com: Low-cost access to magazine editors, editorial calendars, reader demographics, editorial policies, and writer’s guidelines for over 2,000 U.S. and Canadian consumer and trade print publications. (One of our favorite resources.)

AnotherRealm.com: though its interface is nothing fancy and some parts are a bit out of date, this web site, also known as Predators & Editors, offers no-holds-barred ratings for literary agents, small book publishers, and other writer resources. Don’t choose an agent without consulting this site.

Editorial Freelance Association: Offers lots of good information for freelance writers including a sample contract, sample invoice, and common rates for various freelance writing services

Telemedicine eWork Resources

The American Telemedicine Association is the leading resource and advocate promoting access to medical care for consumers and health professionals via telecommunications technology.

TeleMedicine Information Exchange, a comprehensive, international, quality-filtered resource for information about telemedicine, telehealth, and telemedicine/telehealth related activities. The TIE is supported and maintained by the Association of Telehealth Service Providers.[/private]