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• Telecommuting Makes Cents

If a picture’s worth 1000 words, this one says it all. It was prepared by  Citrix Online based on work we did over the last couple years to quantify the benfits of telework. The infographic below summarizes our findings thst were included in a  Citirx whitepaper released two days ago titled, Workshifting: The Bottom Line (2.3Mb PDF).

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  1. Ingrid Brandao says:

    Would love to include this in a powerpoint presentation we are preparing to convince our employer to agree to letting us work from home 1 day per week. We are 2 small departments that are currently trialing this and we all love it. Is this available in powerpoint format?

    Ingrid Brandao


    Tom Harnish Reply:

    Your welcome to use the infographic, but it’s not available in a powerpoint format sorry.

    However, the whitepaper we did for Citrix is in landscape format and should work.

    If we can help in any other way let us know.


  2. Telecommuting And Your Bottom Line | Corporate Telecommuting | Undress4Success says:

    [...] Telecommuting: Bottom Line Benefits [...]

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  4. Let workers stay home! « FB Displays & Designs' Blog says:

    [...] Recently both houses of Congress passed bills that tighten the requirements for federal agencies on telework, which will actually encourage having stay-at-home workers. A study done by the Telework Research Network provides evidence that all businesses (not just federal, but small and medium-sized businesses, too) benefit from letting employees work from home. The study found that a business with 100 workers could save $1.1 million annually if they let them work from home just 50% of the time. Also, workers are significantly more productive working from their home (a 27% increase!). And it doesn’t end there—employers would even see reduced absenteeism, reduced costs for renting office space, and happier, healthier, less-stressed workers. To see all of the benefits of telework: http://undress4success.com/telecommuting-makes-cents-2/ [...]

  5. Barry Dennis says:

    Some time ago I wrote an article “Cloud Computing, Cloud Commuting and Your New Home Office” in which I researched some of the economic effects of true Work-at-home jobs that are the same as “office” jobs, just done in a different place, with mostly positive effects on the workplace and on the associates who perform the work.
    It is at:

    My savings estimates are fifty percent more than that of Citrix’s White paper estimates, which is all any of us can do; estimate.
    The real point is that Cloud Commuting IS coming; sooner, rather than later. Cisco’s newest partnering with Logitech and others for expanded real-time video further proves the recognition of coming demand.
    Wise corporate planners take note!


  6. Tom Harnish says:

    You’re right, Barry, all we can do is estimate. But we tried hard to make our estimates conservative, because wild-eyed breathless estimates don’t help make the case. They only hurt because they leave so many opportunities for criticism and disagreement.

    BTW, 2.3 million times 20 thousand is 46 billion not 46,000,000,000 billion


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