Calculator – Customizable Assumptions

Telework Savings Calculator - Customizable Assumptions:

The following fields can be modified to create a custom telework savings model for your company or community. The cost of our custom models depends on the level of analysis you require. Please call us at 760-703-0377 (left coast time) to discuss your specific needs.

Workforce General Telecommuting Assumptions

% Who could telecommute
% Who want to telcommute
Roundtrip commute in minutes
Assumed telework days/week
Hours per week
Hours per day
Workweeks per year
Assumed reduction in driving (%)
$ / gallon of gas
Average round trip commuting miles / per person
Average miles per gallon

Employee Telecommuting Assumptions

Annual gas savings per telecommuter ($)
IRS Mileage Allowance Data
IRS Allowance/ mile
IRS $ portion for Gas
Individual: Non-Gas Office Costs (low, mid, high)
Parking / day (low, mid, high)
Lunch / day (low, mid, high)
Work Clothes / day (low, mid, high)
Misc Daily Expenses (tolls, gifts, daycare, pools, kitty) (low, mid, high)
Other PP Office Savings/Day (low, mid, high)
Extra Home Electricity Used by Teleworkers
kWh/year for home office
Cost per kWh for home electricity
Other Individual Savings/Year

Corporate Telecommuting Assumptions

Telework hours per year
Average U.S. wage /week (before benefits)
Average annual wage (before benefits)
Fringe benefit %


Productivity per person/year
% Increase in Productivity while teleworking

Real Estate
Average s.f. /office
$/square foot
Average real estate cost /year/emp
Assumed real estate reduction with telework
Office Building Electricity
kWh/year difference between home/office electricity
% of offices eliminated due to telecommuting
Average kWh / year for traditional office
$ per kWh - traditional office
Unscheduled Absences
Cost/employee/year for unscheduled absences
Average absences/Year
Cost per unscheduled absence
% reduction in absences with telework
Cost of losing an employee as % of annual wages
Cost of turnover per employee
Average turnover / year
Assumed reduction in turnover through telework
Other Aggregate Annual Company Savings

Community Telecommuting Assumptions

$ Barrel Oil
GHG/avg car per yr (tons)
Average Electricity/Home/Yr (kWh)

Accident Metrics
Fatality per 100 million Vehicle Miles Traveled
Injury per 100 million Vehicle Miles Traveled
Accident per # of VMT
Cost per Fatality
Cost per Injury

Highway Costs Maintenance / Mile

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