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Whenever we run across someone who works from home, we give them the third degree about why they do it, how they got started, and what it’s like for them to work from home. Here are some of their stories. If you want to share yours, just add it to the comments below. If you think your work from home story is compelling enough for newspaper, magazine, or television coverage, go to our I Work from Home - Interview Me page and fill in all the requested fields. The quirkier or heartwarming your story, the better.

Tammy I started my home-based company to help balance my need to buy teacher gifts while my husband was unemployed. My daughter’s teacher deserved much more than we could give her, so I made her an “extra” gift. That was the birth of my company.

Allison I started my own company two years ago figuring that it would be a wonderful thing and the easiest way to secure the chance to work-at-home once I had children. Three months into bringing up my darling new daughter I was madly jealous of all the moms that had the ‘luxury’ of going to work in an office for 8 hours a day. There are so many aspects of work at home, especially starting it while pregnant, that I believe people don’t realize.   But I’m determined to make my company work…but now the motivation is because I want to cover the cost of day care :)

Sheryl I work from home so I can be with my kids and dogs! I love them and they were the inspiration to starting my business. Now, I look at their eyes for courage to keep going. My kids ages 2 and 4 are in and out through the day with preschool and it’s so great that as I work at my laptop I get to experience them playing and get hugs throughout the day. For some people, it may be lonely working from home, but I get to be with my kids and dogs and what could be better than that! The hardest part is now that my husband has been laid off, it’s been distracting having him around. And, now I really need to step it up with what I’m achieving. It’s taking a little of the fun out of what I do and adding a bit more stress.

Kristi As a single mother, I didn’t want to compromise the health of my son for a job. My son was born with a heart condition which prevented me from jumping right back into corporate America. Once I had a taste of working from home, there was no turning back. Now I look for ways to help others find and adjust to working from home.

Sharon I am partially disabled and my former employer downsized three times in the last year and I am now laid off. I started looking for a job, but there wasn’t anything available that was in driving range for me. I have difficulty driving long distances, I also have difficulty walking and I use a cane or a walker to get around. Starting my own business as a part-time work at home venture seemed the answer.   I so enjoy not dealing with traffic, bosses who do not care, employees who would rather be at home, and working in my pajamas!

Sam I have a home-based advertising agency. It’s just me and I hire people as I need them. It’s by far the most satisfied I’ve ever been professionally.

Jill I’m an Ivy-league grad and attorney who gave up the corporate world to start up a music management company.   Had my baby, put some audible anklets on her and every mom seemed to want a pair, so I decided to start selling what I call Bumble Bells, now featured on Gwen Stefani’s baby Zuma and in People Magazine. And because I started a service-based and a product-based company, I thought I could teach all the mommas I was meeting who said, “Oh, I have a great idea for a company!” Too many didn’t bring their idea to market for a myriad of reasons. So I started a consulting business, The Momtrepreneur Maven, and here I am with plenty of clients and readers

Bradley I wanted to completely change my life. I had thought about it long enough and decided it was time to start working for myself and stop following all the ‘rules’ I was taught in terms of the ‘typical’ work force. My family and I are extremely eco-conscience and this seemed to fit perfectly with our values.

Traci I am the breadwinner in my family and my husband was a stay-at-home dad. Now I work from home full time. I graduated from Harvard Law School in 2004 and went to work as an attorney with a large law firm. My daughter was born in March 2008, and a year later my job was cut back from 40 hours to 20 hours (with corresponding pay cut). So I started my own home-based company providing freelance writing, marketing, and consulting services to small businesses.

I worked in Entertainment Marketing for 13 years and once I had my son, I knew I could no longer maintain the desire, schedule or hours that were needed. I always wanted to be a freelance writer, and I wanted to start my own home-based business. So I started a children’s t-shirt company that takes famous movie lines and puts a “baby” spin on them. With this combo in mind, I knew I had to take the plunge. I used my experience sourcing client premiums to find vendors and suppliers, and asked a college friend to partner with me. We have had amazing press and we’re growing every day.

Share Your Work from Home Story
Why do you work from home, and if you don’t why would you like to? Add your story in the comments below.

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