I Work From Home, Interview me!

If You Work From Home, You Could Be Famous!

We constantly hear from reporters, bloggers, and authors who want to interview people who work from home as employees, freelancers, contractors, or home-based business owners. Reporters often have a particular angle such as the environment, the economy, a particular industry or geography, a particular age group, or whatever happens to strike their fancy. Some are from local publications, some are from television news shows, some are bloggers, some are authors working on books, and some are from national newspapers or magazines such as the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Fortune, etc.

Media hogs that we are, we also regularly send our own press releases with story pitches that include people who work from home and the enlightened companies they work for. Visit our Ego Page for a sampling of some of our media hits to date.

If you’d like some free press, or if you’d just like to spread the word about the wonderfulness of working from home, fill out the following work from home interview form and we’ll keep your name on file until an opportunity pops up, or until we make our own opportunity!

BTW, we swear to the gods of chocolate that we will not spam you (except to maybe tell you new stuff about us). And you’re welcome to tell us to go away, be gone, pound sand, whenever you want. We also promise not to reveal your name or company name without your consent.

Act now and become a work from home legend in your own mind!

p.s. PLEASE fill the work from home interview form in completely if you want to be considered for our releases. That means you have have to pull down the menus on each question and choose an option. Probably the most important question is “Why Me.” Great stories are what sell so be sure to give us your all.

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