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Our Telework Savings Model calculates the fossil fuel, greenhouse gas, and other telework savings for each city, county, congressional district and state in the U.S.. You can also use our Telework Savings Calculator to estimate company savings based on the number of your potential telecommuters.  If you need a custom run based on over two dozen of your own values for our assumptions, give us a call at seven six zero 703-0377 and we’ll provide a quote.

Details about the potential for telework to solve a wide range of family, company, and societal problems

The latest statistics about the what, when, and why of who’s working from home

• An exhaustive summary of the pros and cons of telecommuting for individuals, companies, and communities

Links and downloadable copies of the top telework research

Links to the top telecommuting advocacy groups and resources from around the world


Telework offers an answer to so many of the world’s problems:

- The economy is in trouble—telework provides an answer.

- Profits are down—telework provides an answer.

- Global warming is hot—telework provides an answer.

- Families want more quality time with their loved ones—telework provides an answer.

- Retiring Baby Boomers who want or need to continue working, but want to do so on their terms—telework provides an answer.

- Good help is hard to find (and retain)—telework provides an answer.

- Traffic congestion is strangling our cities—telework provides an answer.

- Cities can’t keep pace with their crumbling transportation systems—telework provides an answer

- U.S. jobs are being off-shored to save money—telework provides an answer.

- Terrorism, bird flu, and regional disasters could cripple our workforce—telework provides an answer.

- When gas prices soar—telework provides an answer.

- When Middle East unrest threatens our oil supply—telework provides an answer.

- When the Baby Boomer brain drain threatens businesses—telework provides an answer.


As a nation, it’s time to make the road less traveled our way to work.