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Kate Lister & Tom Harnish are authorities, speakers, and writers on topics including: telecommuting /telework, work at home scams, business sustainability and green business; entrepreneurship; small business management, finance, and growth; business planning, public relations, and marketing.

Speeches, Lectures and Pontificating

As a popular speaker, Kate has lectured about telework, telecommuting, sustainability, business finance and planning at over a hundred events hosted by organizations including the Wharton School of Business, Temple University, St. Josephs University, and others. In addition, she has developed small business training programs for Corestates Bank, Keystone Bank, Liberty Bank, Unisys, and Eastman Kodak.

Tom started teaching in college, and polished his speaking and teaching style at the prestigious Department of Defense Computer Institute in Washington DC. Because many of the students were Admirals, Generals and supergrade civilian government executives, teachers were only allowed into classrooms after rigorous dry-runs and practice lectures. But that made it possible for him to teach, with confidence, every FBI ‘Special Agent in Charge’ in the U.S. about computer security, conduct a one-on-one course on computer telecommunications for the general in charge of the Army Communication Command, lecture on stuff we can’t talk about for senior officials at the CIA and NSA, and teach hundreds of students about systems analysis, telecommunication, security and privacy, and information management for senior executives.

Later, as one of the senior scientists for a computer company, Tom’s team of brilliant hardware and software developers conceived and tested the first U.S. home information service that used a TV and telephone to allow folks to download news, check out library books, pay bills, and look up articles in the first electronic encyclopedia. All this, of course, before personal computers and the internet. The project was internationally recognized and he made over 80 formal presentations on the project and its results.

As part of that research Tom became a member of the board of a national program on the use computers in education, delivered testimony on the topic at a congressional hearing, and later spoke at a White House conference.

Recently, Tom was selected as a volunteer for the NASA Solar System Ambassador program, although he preferred to call himself as a Space Evangelist. As part of that role he conceived, prepared and presented a walking tour of a scaled-down solar system that allowed kids (and adults) to better appreciate the dimensions of space.

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Kate has appeared on CNN - About Your Money, NBC News, Wall Street Journal Radio. Together they recently appeared on FOX-TV’s Fox & Friends morning show. Tom produced and hosted a radio show called Future File for local public radio.

Books Written by Kate Lister and Tom Harnish

Undress For Success - The Naked Truth About Making Money at Home (John Wiley & Sons, March 2009)
Finding Money - Secrets of a Former Banker (2009 eBook coming soon)
• Finding Money - The Small Business Guide to Financing (John Wiley & Sons)
• The Directory of Venture Capital (John Wiley & Sons)

Articles About The Authors’ Other Business Adventures

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Just For Fun

Kate and Tom are both award winning photographers. For a peek at what they enjoy when they’re not working at home in their underwear, visit: Tom’s Flickr Site and Kate’s Flickr Site.

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