Table of Contents


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Foreword by Jack Nilles


E-work, The Bare Essentials

Chapter 1: Who E-works and What Do They Do?

Chapter 2: What’s in It for Me?

Chapter 3: Expose Yourself—Are You Right for E-work?

Chapter 4: Dirty Underwear—Uncovering the Scams

Pajama Paychecks: Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies

Chapter 5: Who’s Paid to Work at Home and What Do They Do?

Chapter 6: Take Your Job and Love It

Chapter 7: The Naked Truth about Your Boss

Chapter 8: What’s in It for Your Employer?

Chapter 9: Making Your E-work Pitch

Chapter 10: Best-Bet E-work Employers

Chapter 11: Work as a Call Center Agent

Chapter 12: Work as a Virtual Assistant

Chapter 13: Work as a Medical Transcriptionist

Chapter 14: Work as a Teacher or Tutor

Chapter 15: Work as a Remote Tech

Chapter 16: Work as a Writer

Chapter 17: Work in Telemedicine

Chapter 18: How to Navigate the Web in Search of E-work

Chapter 19: Using the Job Boards to Find E-work

Chapter 20: Your Digital Resume

Chapter 21: Collaboration and Social Networking for E-work

Freelance in Your Frillies

Chapter 22: Who Freelances and What Do They Do?

Chapter 23: Putting Your Best Slipper Forward

Chapter 24: What Am I Worth?

Chapter 25: Proposals and Contracts

Chapter 26: Finding Freelance Work

Bedroom Businesses

Chapter 27: Who’s Running Home Businesses and What Do They Do?

Chapter 28: The Right Fit

Chapter 29: Designing the Perfect Business

Chapter 30: The Business Model

Chapter 31: Best Bet Businesses

Chapter 32: Business Planning

Chapter 33: Naked Truths about Home Biz

Does It Come with Batteries?

Chapter 34: Home-Based Technology

What If Everybody Did It?

Chapter 35: Let’s All Undress

5 Responses to “Table of Contents”

  1. dshoes says:

    I was given a link to here saying that I could download the book, but once I get here you say it has expired. What gives?


    Tom Harnish Reply:

    Sorry you’re disappointed about not being able to download Undress For Success. Actually, what was available was the Introduction and one chapter—and only on Earth Day, as a ‘save the trees and energy’ promotion.

    In any event, I e-mailed you the PDF by way of small thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. We hope you’ll buy the book too!

    If you’d be kind enough to reply with the URL where you saw the link, we’ll set the author straight so others don’t have the same problem you did.


  2. mlewis says:

    I saw the link on about.com
    but i’m glad i joined even if i did not get chapter 2


  3. Tom Mulhall says:

    Thanks for mentioning us in your naked humor section. I’m Tom Mulhall. My wife and I are the ones who own the Terra Cotta Inn nudist resort in Palm Springs, CA.

    FYI, I’m a past president of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce (yes they know I own a nudist resort). Last year, 2008 was our BEST year ever in our 14 year years of business.

    So undressing at work can be a very successful business plan.

    Tom Mulhall


    Tom Harnish Reply:

    When we were writing Undress For Success we were going to come over and write some of it at your place, just so we could say we did. And because we liked your attitude as displayed by the website. But then, as we were starting the final edits, I was offered the opportunity to fly a 1929 floatplane in Alaska for a month—and get paid for it—so we bundled up instead of stripping down.

    E-mail me a few words about your experience with people working au natural and I’ll use it for a more extensive blog. Always happy to help another entrepreneur. Especially one who’s made a success out of undressing.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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