Telecommuting Advocacy Resources

Local, Regional & State Advocates and Programs

• 36 Commuting Solutions.org
Cash incentives for consumers who limit travel on Route 36 between Boulder and Denver
• Commuter Challenge
Work at home advocacy - Seattle WA
• CT Telecommuting
Connecticut area work-at-home advocacy
• Federal Telework
U.S. Government joint agency telecommuting site
• Georgia  Telework
Temporary program offering $20,000 per business plus $1,200 per employee tax credit to encourage companies to adopt telecommuting programs. Limited to $2.5 million program-wide credits.
• MidAtlantic Telework
Work at home advocacy program for Mid-Atlantic region
• Metro D.C. Telework
Work at home advocacy program for Metro Washington D.C.
• Oregon.gov
Offers up to $30,000 tax credit for businesses that initiate telework programs
• Telework Arizona
Telework program for Arizona
• TeleworkVA
Telecommuting and work-at-home program for Virginia, the most progressive state telework program in the U.S. Offers grants of up to $3,500 per teleworker.
• U. S. General Services Administration
Extensive resources for federal telework managers and employees. A great resource for corporate telecommuting as well.

Non U.S. Advocates & Programs

• Innovisions Canada
Canadian telework advocacy and even some telework humor
• European Trade Union Confederation
Information about European case studies and telecommuting legislation
• eWorkSolutions.ie
Telework Resources from Ireland
• Japan Telework Association
History and research about Japanese teleworking programs

Work-Life Advocates

• Alliance For Work-Life Progress
Organization dedicated to advancing work-life as a business strategy integrating work, family and community.
• Familes And Work
Work at home, work life family research and advocacy
• Sloan Effective Workplace Series: Telework
Download summary of Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Work And Family Research (PDF)
• Sloan Family Research
Sloan Work & Family Research Network at Boston College
• Work-Life Policy Ctr
Research and advocacy for work-life programs
• Workplace Flex2010
Workplace Flexibility 2010 is a campaign to support the development of a comprehensive national policy on workplace flexibility.
• WorldatWork
International work at home and work/life research and advocacy

Other Telework Advocates and Researchers

• George Mason University - Telecommuting
International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology (ICASIT) - George Mason University
• TechCast
Think tank estimates the future of telework
• Telework Coalition
Work at home advocacy and research at the national level
• U.C. Davis Research
Telework, telecommunications, and transportation research
• WFD Consulting
Very informative report on telecommuting called, When the workplace is many places: The extent and nature of off-site work today.
• WorldatWork
Interntional work at home and work/life research and advocacy

Corporate Telework Advice and Consulting

• Alliance For Workplace Excellence
The Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping companies in the greater Washington, D.C., area become great places to work.
• The Future of Work
Work at home and work/life research
• JALA International
Corporate and government consultant from the Jack Nilles, the grandfather of telework and author of internationally acclaimed, Managing Telework—Strategies for Managing the Virtual Workforce.
• Global Telematics
Telework corporate consulting
• Home2Office
Innovative software/service for managing remote workers.
• Midwest Telecommuting
Telework Consulting
• Moving Beyond the Bricks
A professional group working with organizations who have made the decision to implement a virtual workforce.
• Scatterwork
Scatterwork offers worldwide coaching in the creation and optimization of virtual teams. They assist companies in developing the protocols and infrastructure needed, the training for IT solutions, and the support / maintenance programs.
• Telecommuting 360
Technologies and resources for the telecommuting community
• Work+Life Fit
Flexibility strategy consultants helping organizations and employees rethink how, when and where work is done, life is managed, and business succeeds.


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