Finding Money—The Book

Finding Money: Secrets of a Former Banker - $9.95

“One of the best books I’ve ever read on the subject”

- David Thornburgh, former Director Wharton Small Business Development Center

Finding Money is an extraordinary guide to one of the most urgent questions facing small business owners and entrepreneurs today: How can I find the money I need to start or grow my business?

Originally published by the nation’s largest business book publisher, John Wiley & Sons, this ebook version has been updated for 2010.

Finding Money answers some of the most frequently asked small business questions:

• What kinds of loans , grants , and other financing is available?

How much money should I borrow or raise?

• What kind of small business loans or investment am I likely to qualify for?

• How do I prepare a business loan application or investment prospectus?

• How do I prepare an cash flow proforma?

• How do I go about finding venture capital or angel investors ?

• What can I do to bootstrap my business if I can’t find a lender or investor?

Whether you are a small business startup, home based business, or fast-growing high flier, Finding Money will help you navigate the murky waters of how to finance your entrepreneurial dream. It includes over 30 valuable tables and charts provide vital information and insider secrets about how to negotiate with lenders and investors, lease vs. buy decisions, breakeven analysis, and much more.

Here’s what others have said about Finding Money :

“I’ve read some fun, entertaining, and inspirational books by and for small business owners. But lets face it-they won’t pay the bills…. (Finding Money ) is my choice for one of the most useful books for small business owners…books that give high-quality guidance and examples for doing something.” - Orange County Register

To start a new business or to expand existing one, Finding Money offers practical, step-by-step advice to attract the right investors. There’s plenty of money out there and plenty of investors, entrepreneurs only need to know how to find it. Finding Money can point the way. - Frank Szivos - Editor, Angel Investor News

“Unlike other books full of stories and platitudes, this book tells it straight. After an overview of the difference between debt (loans) and equity (venture) capital and what it takes to qualify, the book provides an in depth look at how to do your homework so you can get the money you need. And it worked for me. If the book has a flaw it’s the no BS, straight to the point style-but that suited me just fine. I’m busy running a business and wanted the meat so I can get on with it, not the relish, and Finding Money delivered big time. Not just who has the money, but details on how they look at you and how they decide if you’re worthy of consideration for funding.” - Reader

“One of the best books I’ve ever read on the subject” - David Thornburgh, Director Wharton Small Business Development Center

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