February 25, 2008

Telecommuting News Summary 022508

Work at home, home business, and freelance job news for the week beginning February 16, 2008.

Next Generation Policy Discussion Streamed Live on NextGenWeb.org
Biloxi Sun Herald, USA - Feb 25, 2008
is revolutionizing the classroom experience and how it can play a key role in reducing hazardous greenhouse gas emissions through telecommuting.

Employers becoming more flexible: Survey
Canadian HR Reporter, Canada - Feb 25, 2008
Working parents aren’t the only ones who benefit from perks such as telecommuting, flextime, extended family leave and elder care.

Labor costs are weak link in stagflation scenarios
FinancialWeek (subscription), NY - Feb 25, 2008
Telecommuting, outsourcing, shift sharing—all of that is more prevalent.” The recent declines in labor costs are expected to accelerate in 2008,

Jeffrey Ringold: Hope for transportation future
Santa Cruz Sentinel, CA - Feb 25, 2008
What if half the employees in the state could telecommute two or three days per week? What seemed impossible just five years ago may prove entirely possible

Remote workers indulge in risky behavior
eChannelLine, Canada - Feb 25, 2008
“It gives companies around the world competitive advantages, operational efficiency, opportunities for businesses growth and [telecommuting] benefits from

Telecommuters feel sting of taxes
StarNewsOnline.com, NC - Feb 24, 2008
Congress completed its last session without taking up the Telecommuter Tax Fairness Act, a measure sponsored in the Senate by Christopher J. Dodd of

Commuting clergyman
TheReporter.com, CA - Feb 23, 2008
When she began telecommuting, they needed more space. They looked in Napa, but housing prices had skyrocketed. “I was now at St. Thomas’s in San Francisco,

Telecommuting: It takes discipline to work from home
WTN News, WI - Feb 23, 2008
I guess I don’t have the discipline required to be a successful telecommuter. But perhaps I could develop the discipline. I believe what I would miss most

Pedal to the metal in solving gridlock
The Age, Australia - Feb 23, 2008
central Melbourne were developing plans to “promote travel to work by walking, cycling and public transport, as well as car-pooling and telecommuting“.

Study: Green Companies Triple Customer Satisfaction
iNSnet, Netherlands - Feb 23, 2008
Introduce flextime and telecommuting: US drivers waste nearly 6 billion gallons of fuel each year due to traffic congestion, typically during peak morning

Candidate outlines economic plan
Press & Sun-Bulletin, NY - Feb 22, 2008
Phillips also proposes a $1000 “Telecommuter Tax Credit” to promote working from home, which he also believes would bring jobs upstate, and pledged to

Plan sets aggressive goals for Princeton sustainability efforts
Media Newswire (press release), NY - Feb 22, 2008
better walking and biking paths; developing a telecommuting policy; and replacing retired campus fleet vehicles with zero- or low-emission vehicles.

New book looks at women’s negotiating skills
Scripps News, DC - Feb 22, 2008
For instance, if your boss asks you to stay on with the company and telecommute when your spouse is transferred to another state, ask the boss to pay for a

Riding With Ed - An Actor Devoted to the Green Life
New York Times, United States - Feb 22, 2008
I try to telecommute whenever possible not just to save the planet, but to relish a break taken walking in the woods instead of to an elevator.

The 8:30 Report: What Philly’s Talking About
Philadelphia Magazine’s Daily Examiner, PA - Feb 22, 2008
How about trying that telecommute thing you’ve been talking to the boss about? [Inquirer] Arlen snarls alone: Our esteemed senior senator may still be

Telecommuting: Is it for you?
Computerworld, MA - Feb 22, 2008
The number are encouraging for those of us who have to convince employers to adapt to telecommuting. On Monday, Tandberg Federal and Telework Exchange

State workers back to 8-to-5
Columbus Dispatch, OH - Feb 22, 2008
Policies giving employees flexible hours and telecommuting opportunities became increasingly popular in the 1990s. Supporters say such employee-friendly

New kind of community on horizon
Ventura County Star, CA - Feb 22, 2008
But he also thinks that the model is one that will create small, self-sufficient communities, where people live near work or telecommute from home — as

Widewater State Park draft master plan public hearing
The Free Lance-Star, VA - Feb 21, 2008
A free telecommuting center in Caroline County will be open today and next Friday as county staff gauges public interest in the service.

Everyday is Earth Day
Express Computers, India - Feb 21, 2008
Sun has initiated numerous programs within the company to raise awareness and protect the environment, including recycling, conservation, telecommuting,

In Olympia, Kitsap Projects Absent from Capital Budget
Kitsap Sun (Subscription), United States - Feb 21, 2008
And the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council would get $150000 to run a telecommuting pilot project. Being in the House budget doesn’t mean those items will

It’s easy being green
SheKnows.com, AZ - Feb 21, 2008
If you live too far away, look into telecommuting from home at least once a week or car pooling with your co-workers. Instead of purchasing a new bottle of

Cisco Proposes Rewiring City Networks for Green Gains
TechNewsWorld, CA - Feb 21, 2008
dining, banking and other amenities designed to make the centers stimulating work environments for what might otherwise be a lonely telecommuter.

Premier says no to carbon tax plan
ChronicleHerald.ca, Canada - Feb 21, 2008
I have to wonder, how many people who drive into work every day could actually telecommute and accomplish their work at home? I realize that this could not

Auditors urge better security for TSP board’s laptops
Federal Times - Feb 21, 2008
The board’s laptops are most often used when on travel or telecommuting and are rarely used inside the office, Long said, so cable locks would not provide

Workers shun civil service employment
SW Radio Africa, Zimbabwe - Feb 21, 2008
Summary & Comment: Gone are the days when Zimbabwean civil servants enjoyed such benefits as flexible work schedules, telecommuting, family friendly feave

Microsoft uses green tactics to push Vista
ITWorld Canada, Canada - Feb 21, 2008
The second are those who commit to improving their internal policies, such as more energy efficiency in the workplace, telecommuting, and recycling programs

Dzama Missed the Mark About Telecommuting
Kitsap Sun (Subscription), United States - Feb 21, 2008
our transportation woes thru encouraging “telecommuting,” citing it as “another attempt to rein in the current sky-is-falling issue of global warming.

Manny Ramirez Requests Work From Home Status From Red Sox
Bleacher Report, CA - Feb 20, 2008
The Red Sox have tentatively agreed to allow Ramirez to telecommute, claiming that although their offense may suffer without him at the ballpark,

Generation Gap
GovExec.com, DC - Feb 20, 2008
(such as insurance and retirement) and more interested in alternative benefits (such as alternative work schedules and telecommuting),” MSPB wrote.

Cisco’s new networks: Highways, airports, and city streets
CNET News.com, CA - Feb 20, 2008
These urban management projects, of course, could reap huge revenues for Cisco, which makes the Internet backbone equipment that makes telecommuting

Planning for peak oil - what it will mean
On Line opinion, Australia - Feb 20, 2008
lanes and soft technology, such as scooters, cycling and walking. As far as work is concerned, we are going to have to look at encouraging telecommuting.

Mary Ellen Slayter
Washington Post, United States - Feb 20, 2008
I was employed as a part-time telecommuter by a company based in Maryland. I live in Philly. About two weeks ago, I was laid off as a part of a company-wide

Survey: More government workers can telecommute
Washington Post, United States - Feb 20, 2008
A three-day-a-week government telecommuter could save an average of US$5878 a year in commuting costs and avoid putting 9060 pounds of pollutants into the

Government’s business leader warns on flexible working
IT PRO, UK - Feb 20, 2008
potentially extending the right to request flexible working - be it telecommuting or flexible hours - to anyone with children under the age of 18.

A Family Friendly Small Business Nightmare
Acton Institute, MI - Feb 20, 2008
Firms would try various combinations of leave policies, job sharing, flex-time and telecommuting. Companies might try one approach for new mothers,

6 Ways to Thrive During a Recession
U.S. News & World Report, DC - Feb 20, 2008
But the fact is, trends like telecommuting and flextime have made companies—and customers—more open than ever to creative work arrangements.

Bill Underway to Develop Idaho Broadband Network
New West, MT - Feb 20, 2008
that will benefit other technology applications such as telemedicine, telecommuting, telegovernment and economic development,” the bill reads.

Shyamal Majumdar: The `she`-change in employment
Business Standard, India - Feb 20, 2008
facility for employees’ children; or other family-friendly benefits such as flexible work schedules, telecommuting, family leave and job sharing.

Monsanto Grabs ‘Green’ Title in Computers
Mid-South Farmer, AR - Feb 20, 2008
at its headquarters from renewable sources such as wind power, and has a concerted effort to work in an efficient and effective telecommuting model.

Business Workshop: The right way to fire, military rights, going green
Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - Feb 19, 2008
Allow flexible schedules and telecommuting, and encourage carpooling. By reducing employees’ time in traffic, your people will contribute less to air

Study derides federal telework efforts: $13.9 Billion deficit
NetworkWorld.com, MA - Feb 19, 2008
A recent Network World article noted that by law, all executive agencies should be enabling eligible employees to telecommute. Public Law 106-346,

Finance job candidates say, ‘Show me the health-care benefits’
FinancialWeek (subscription), NY - Feb 19, 2008
The percentage of CFOs who judged telecommuting and/or flexible work schedules the most effective incentive to attract candidates fell from 33% in 2003 to

Working While Sick
Outside the Beltway, VA - Feb 19, 2008
Telecommuting would be a workable solution in many cases but not all of them. Still, I’m sympathetic to Laura’s point. Indeed, I’m not sure that offices

“This isn’t your father’s [or mother's, ahem] telecommute
BostonNOW, MA - Feb 19, 2008
However, there is a fundamental difference between telecommuting and the long hallway. To be a remote worker means that the core function of a company lies

Student Interests Abandoned as Golf Tourney Tees Off
The UCSD Guardian Online, CA - Feb 19, 2008
For one, whenever feasible academic departments should “consider telecommuting arrangements for the period of June 9-15.” Finals week is a time when

Costlier land spurs chasm
Auburn Citizen, NY - Feb 18, 2008
Building limits, state ownership or control of more than half the 6-million-acre park, growing Internet and telecommuting capability, Baby Boomers heading

All aboard South Shore extension? Readers rail and rally
Gary Post Tribune, IN - Feb 18, 2008
Make telecommuting technology available to poorer and minority households. Businesses are motivated to hire less costly workers for lower skilled needs and

Finesse a Flexible Work Schedule
Wall Street Journal - Feb 18, 2008
Next, ask about productivity: Is your manager happy with your performance since you’ve started telecommuting? And make sure your communication is adequate:

Research and Markets: New Report Highlights Eight Trends Driving
TMC Net, CT - Feb 18, 2008
lighter materials for cars; smart logistics software; carsharing; temperature pressure sensors to improve transportation fuel efficiency; telecommuting.

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