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There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

There are lots of ways to make money at home. Two of the more unusual ways are adult entertainment ‘telephone actresses’ and ‘webcam models’ jobs. We’re not going to make a value judgement about the moral, ethical, religious, or philosophical issue involved. But we will warn you about the financial issues. First, there are very […]

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Telecommuting News Summary 100509

Small Businesses Prepare for a Hit from the H1N1 Flu TIME - Coeli Carr - ‎‎‎Oct 5, 2009‎ An epidemic might also fuel a rash of telecommuting requests from employees who do not normally do it. However, says Mavity, increased telecommuting greatly … Employers, Fall Flu Season is Here TopWireNews (press release) - ‎‎‎Oct 5, […]

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Need Ten Grand? Earn It the Old Fashioned Way Working At Home

Remember that old TV ad? “We make money the old fashioned way. We earn it.” Now you can too. Elance, one of the freelance job boards we’ve written about here and in Undress For Success (the book) is running a contest. The prize? One year of health insurance premiums or $10,000 in cash. Here’s the […]

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