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There’s Work Online!

650,000 new jobs were posted at this year where cumulative earnings will probably exceed $500 million by year end. Elance surveyed small businesses and found that over four fifths of them plan to hire half their workers online in the next year! Global economies may be struggling, but online work is thriving. What’s in demand […]

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Need Ten Grand? Earn It the Old Fashioned Way Working At Home

Remember that old TV ad? “We make money the old fashioned way. We earn it.” Now you can too. Elance, one of the freelance job boards we’ve written about here and in Undress For Success (the book) is running a contest. The prize? One year of health insurance premiums or $10,000 in cash. Here’s the […]

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Freelancing Advice at

Ariana Green wrote a great article about freelancing in the Harvard Business Review today. Of course, we may be a bit biased given that she included some of our words of wisdom, but really, it’s well worth reading. For the novice freelancer, starting with online job boards makes sense, says Kate Lister author of Undress […]

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