September 9, 2009

Need Ten Grand? Earn It the Old Fashioned Way Working At Home

Remember that old TV ad? “We make money the old fashioned way. We earn it.” Now you can too.

Elance, one of the freelance job boards we’ve written about here and in Undress For Success (the book) is running a contest. The prize? One year of health insurance premiums or $10,000 in cash.

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Here’s the scoop, in their words:

Work is evolving right in front of us. Skilled professionals are now able to provide their skills to clients in a global marketplace. Entrepreneurs and small businesses can access talent and pursue ideas and goals never seen before. Companies big and small are taking advantage of contract professionals worldwide to supplement their staff to satisfy real-time demand. You and I are the leaders of this new movement, and we’re uniting under a new mantra. We here at Elance have put a contest together with a prize of $10,000, and together, we’ll going to show the world that this is The New Way To Work.


1. Answer this question: What Does “The New Way To Work” Mean To You? If you’re a writer, write a story that tells us how you are a part of this new world of work. If you’re a graphic designer, design something. Videographer? Video something. Developer? Create an app. You get the picture. As an entrant, you are free to enter your Submission in any format you choose so long as it can be published to the Web.

2. Publish your submission (complete with email address) to where you see fit – this may be your personal blog, a YouTube page, a Flickr account, Facebook profile – anywhere you think your message will inspire and excite the community.

3. Once your submission has been posted via the method of your choice, announce it to the world! Use Twitter, Facebook, Digg, MySpace, or any other channel to share your creative work and message to the world.

4. We’ll be keeping our antenna up on a wide variety of channels for great contest submissions. (Our Facebook Page and Twitter hash tag #new_way_to_work are hot spots, but feel free to get our attention by publishing anywhere – the more you shout, the more we notice!)

5. During the contest, we will highlight the most creative, innovative and inspiring entrants on the Elance blog. After narrowing the contestants to a set of 10 finalists on December 7, 2009, the Grand Prize winner will be selected by Elance and an elite panel of judges, including Tim Ferris, John Jantsch, and Tory Johnson on December 11, 2009.

Well? What are you waiting for? You’re skilled, creative and need the money, so get busy!

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