Telecommuting News Summary 100509

Small Businesses Prepare for a Hit from the H1N1 Flu

TIME - Coeli Carr - ‎Oct 5, 2009
An epidemic might also fuel a rash of telecommuting requests from employees who do not normally do it. However, says Mavity, increased telecommuting greatly

Employers, Fall Flu Season is Here

TopWireNews (press release) - ‎Oct 5, 2009
Should a pandemic occur, an employer may need to review and revise its policies to increase sick leave or to allow employees to telecommute.

Telecommuting aids caseload

Star News - ‎Oct 5, 2009
Other commissioners proposed a pilot project for telecommuting, but Sawatzke, Russek and Mattson voted it down, despite evidence from other counties that

Productivity Superstar: 4 Ways To Organize Your Office For Fall

WebWorkerDaily (blog) - ‎Oct 5, 2009
So if you work from home full-time or telecommute part-time, clutter can have a noticeable impact on your productivity. Another research project from Omtool

Green Grid Tools Support Data Center Efficiency

Environmental Leader - ‎Oct 5, 2009
to balance the emissions of its own IT equipment, uses alternative power supplies, recycles company-wide and subsidizes mass transit and telecommuting.

Does IT save more energy than it consumes? Consider IT’s larger - Joe McKendrick - ‎Oct 5, 2009
How many automobile trips and additional office space is no longer necessary due to telecommuting and remote work? Perhaps, we’ll find, for every kWh IT

Quintiles chief medical officer to keynote LTW ‘Sustainability in

Local Tech Wire - ‎Oct 5, 2009
The panel will discuss such topics as telecommuting, data backup, recovery and application access, finance and security. The event will begin at 11:30 am at

Mayfair’s Office Trunk: For Geeks Who Telecommute On Steamships

Gizmodo Australia - Jack Loftus - ‎Oct 5, 2009
If Tom Hanks’ character had had this steamer trunk in Joe Versus the Volcano, he could have probably Googled

New Virtual Office by 5050BIZ Enables Business to Save Green While (Pressemitteilung) - ‎Oct 5, 2009
Researchers now recommend telecommuting as an efficient alternative. There is a positive, trickle-down effect on the environment by using 5050BIZ.

Over-50 job seeker all-aflutter over Twitter

Worcester Telegram - Joyce Lain Kennedy - ‎Oct 5, 2009
to family-friendly benefits � including pre-tax fsas (flexible spending accounts) for child care, flextime, telecommuting, and job-sharing programs.

EI for their own bosses

Globe and Mail - ‎Oct 5, 2009
Telecommuting, a growing services sector and widespread Internet access allow people to work for themselves without investing a lot of capital.

Creative benefits include concierge, flex time, wellness, yoga, prayer

South Florida Business Journal - Paul Brinkmann - ‎Oct 5, 2009
Several human resources executives also said they are investigating more telecommuting to cut costs and help employees cope with stress.

Danger Ahead

Forbes - Reihan Salam - ‎Oct 5, 2009
Imagine a sweeping effort to encourage telecommuting, four-day workweeks and congestion pricing, as well as tougher standards for car licenses and a

New smog standard likely, say air-quality experts

Austin American-Statesman - Asher Price - ‎Oct 5, 2009
He said the city could try to come up with ways to encourage carpooling and telecommuting. That could eliminate congestion and reduce fuel use,

Flu season costly for business

Washington Times - Tim Devaney - ‎Oct 5, 2009
Many are encouraging “telework” for employees who need to stay home to care for sick relatives. This option allows them to get the most out of workers

Vidyo Unveils VidyoOne “Telework” HD Video Conferencing System for (press release) - ‎Oct 4, 2009‎
As the demand increases for companies of all sizes to implement “telework” strategies to reduce travel time and expense and facilitate more collaborative

Company makes Working Mother Best Companies list

Maryville Daily Times - ‎Oct 4, 2009‎
First Horizon was among companies recognized for pioneering programs that support families, including flextime, telecommuting and wellness programs.

MY TURN | An Employer’s Important Role in Cancer Support

Kitsap Sun - ‎Oct 4, 2009‎
Consider options like flex time, job sharing, change of position, telecommuting, and sick leave sharing. 4. Do not tolerate discrimination or negative

Cover Story: More, Better, Faster

Multichannel News - John Eggerton - ‎Oct 3, 2009‎
access to telecommuting and access to online video for potentially a medical consultation,� that will drive a different set of requirements.

Business news

Pacific Daily News - ‎Oct 3, 2009‎
E-mail privacy and Internet activities, Family and Medical Leave Act decisions on the effects of telecommuting, how to manage employees with HIV or AIDS,

Clinton Speaks Out; UN Fails Refugees in Chad

Women’s eNews - Kimberly St - ‎Oct 3, 2009‎
The number of companies offering flextime, telecommuting and compressed workweeks has remained steady, according to a June survey conducted by the Society

BRAC may bring more commuters than movers

Annapolis Capital - Ryan Justin Fox - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
DISA and other new Fort Meade agencies are also encouraging employees to telecommute when they can. DISA officials are advocating for more funding for road

Re-emphasizing Network Performance � Pushing the Envelope

The Next Web - Ken Camp - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
Many companies also use VPN services allowing employees to connect to network resources while telecommuting or away from the office.

The Way We Live Now

New York Times - Lisa Belkin - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
The next two decades brought adaptations � words like �telecommuting� and �flextime� entered the vocabulary � and because times were good, companies saw the

ITIL defines IT value as a service

ITWorld Canada - Kathleen Lau - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
CAC’s Telework Journey - CAC staff teleworking! Five years ago, the very idea would have been scoffed at. But today not only is a CAC telework pilot

New Virtual Office by 5050BIZ Enables Business to Save Green While (press release) - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
Researchers now recommend telecommuting as an efficient alternative. There is a positive, trickle-down effect on the environment by using 5050BIZ.

IT is so much more than just a help desk

IT World Canada Blogs - Kathleen Lau - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
An analyst with Enterprise Management Associates had said to me that what used to be known as the �IT help desk� is now known as the �IT service desk� to

Convincing a manager to allow telecommuting - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
At the time of the move our manager told us that after a few weeks we would have the chance to telecommute a couple of days a week.

19 state firms honored for flexible work rules

Finance and Commerce - Scott Carlson - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
The Sloan award recognizes companies for their flexible use of such things as work starting and quitting times, work hours and telecommuting.

Reports highlight need for children, hcws to protect themselves

Cardiology Today - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
Frieden also noted that employers should encourage employees to stay home from work when they are sick and to encourage telecommuting for those who are

Montana Tests Unified Communications to Boost Responsiveness to

ZDNet Asia - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
and the state is testing instant messaging and Web conferencing that could enhance call center operations and telecommuting by remote workers.

Flexible Work in a Recession

New York Times - Lisa Belkin - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
The American Society of Human Resource Managers found that while the number of companies offering things like flextime, part-time and telecommuting

How to handle an H1N1 flu pandemic

East Oregonian - Samantha Bates - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
Those at the meeting considered the option of telecommuting - so, if people need to, they can still work even if they can’t be at work.

Carolyn Hax Live: Advice Columnist Tackles Your Problems

Washington Post - John Kelly - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
But there are such things as flex time, job sharing, going home at 5 pm, telecommuting, and whatever other accommodations people have worked out to allow

Could Swine Flu Take the Internet Down?

Wall Street Journal - Matthew Rivera - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
Emergency planners say that school-age children and telecommuting adults could be accessing the network simultaneously, potentially overloading the public

Magazine praises Salem nonprofits

Statesman Journal - Ruth Liao - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
Davis said their workplace emphasizes caring for one another � most are longtime employees � by allowing for flexible work schedules and telecommuting.

Sustainability plan sets ambitious goals for college’s carbon

Macalester College The Mac Weekly - Robert Hemphill, Hunter Bradley - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
By 2010, Macalester plans to approve a telecommuting policy, create a sustainability fund, and hold a sustainability seminar that will draft an annual

First Horizon National Corp. makes best company list

Maryville Daily Times - ‎Oct 2, 2009‎
First Horizon was among companies recognized for pioneering programs that support families, including flextime, telecommuting and wellness programs.

HRinfodesk - Canadian Payroll and Employment Law News

HRinfodesk (subscription) - Yosie Saint-Cyr - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
while 70 percent will be introducing or increasing their use of telecommuting to mitigate the effect of the Olympics on transportation.

Digital discrimination: why Seattle needs citywide fiber broadband

Reclaim the Media - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
Schrier argues that symmetrical data transfer speeds of 100Mbps will enable expanded telecommuting, and improved efficiencies for multi-site businesses,

To manage telecommuters, establish expectations

NEBS Small Business News (blog) - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
Though many small businesses have been forced to lay off employees, some are turning to telecommuting and other flexible work strategies as a way to keep

Living in PTC is worth it… even with the commute

Fayette Daily News - George Dienhart - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
Traffic was brutal going through the connector, and continued to inspire telecommuting fantasies all the way up to the toll plaza.

How Aruba Networks Goes Green

TMCnet - Brendan B. Read - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
Our innovative network rightsizing and telecommuting initiative has had the most profound impact in CO2 emissions. The heating, ventilation

WellPoint Named One of the Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers (press release) - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
on-site lactation and telecommuting; and 98 percent offering job-sharing and wellness programs-numbers that dwarf those seen nationwide.

Keep Communications Healthy During Flu Season

EHS Today - Sandy Smith - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
Identify key personnel, assign backups and offer telecommuting options where practical. Give managers the authority to take action as needed.

Transportation, Economy Top Issues At Chamber Forum

Leesburg Today - Erika Jacobson Moore - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
We need the right incentives for businesses to do things like let people work at home and telecommute. To get the cars off the roads.

Big flood could turn sewage-treatment plant in Renton into an

PNW Local News - Dean Radford - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
Some employees will telecommute if they can’t get to the office and some services are available online, too. The move of the elections headquarters was made

Debunking the Mommy Myth

Washington Post - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
Flexible hours, part-time options, and telecommuting allows women to stay in the workforce after having children. Donna St. George: You’re right,

Women increasingly break new ground - Ann Gibbon - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
With programs such as networking, mentoring, telecommuting, topped-up maternity benefits and a lump sum of $500 for employees to spend to achieve more

Candidate Profile: Vivian E. Watts

Springfield Connection - Michael O’Connell - ‎Oct 1, 2009‎
This is the second most congested region in the nation, even though we have the second highest transit use, 5 percent of commuters carpool and telecommuting

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