December 15, 2008

Telecommuting News Summary 121508

The forgotten voices are affected by strike
Metro Canada - Ottawa, Canada - Dec 15, 2008
Low-wage employees can’t telecommute, and rarely get paid sick days. They don’t always have forgiving bosses who let them get away with not coming to work.
5 negotiating gaffes that can sour sweet deals
Middletown Journal, OH - Dec 15, 2008
Discuss tuition reimbursement and training, if applicable, and no-cost perks such as office/work station, telecommuting, parking and, if you need more time,
Number of brown-baggers grows
Alton Telegraph, IL - Dec 15, 2008
Balzer said the economy, growing unemployment, slowdown in the number of women entering the workforce, more telecommuting options and the erosion of
Car-sharing makes too much sense to ignore, Canada - Dec 14, 2008
As our belts tighten, more and more people are reducing their use of cars — living near their work, telecommuting, carpooling, using public transit,
Whose life is it anyway? Workers pay price for unhealthy ways
Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN - Dec 13, 2008
Not allowed to telecommute, enjoys far less vacation than his European counterpart, rotting in a little cell. What does our society expect?
We all have things to share
Albany Times Union, NY - Dec 13, 2008
members are rewarded for using alternative forms of transportation such as carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, telecommuting or public transit.
The dangers of not going green, NC - Dec 13, 2008
Area businesses cooperate in a “Clean Air Works” program to reduce ozone on hot days, encouraging employees to carpool, use transit or telecommute.
Coffee house encounter reveals the limits of compassion
Anchorage Daily News, AK - Dec 13, 2008
By KATTARYNA STILES I’m telecommuting and just settling into my work when two street people, clearly worn from a night of drinking, enter the coffee house.
Kelly Egan: At least you won’t get hit by a bus …, Canada - Dec 12, 2008
Residents are encouraged to travel outside rush hours or find alternate means of travelling, such as carpooling, cycling or telecommuting.
When Daycare isn’t Working Out
Meadow Free Press, ID - Dec 12, 2008
There are also workplaces that allow telecommuting and others that will accept reduced hours or part-time employees. Parents must decide what they feel most
4 Ways To Escape The Internet Black Hole, NY - Dec 12, 2008
While cell phones are getting smarter and workers are able to telecommute from anywhere, it’s no wonder people feel the need to check their e-mail
Americans Drive Less Even With Cheap Gas, IL - Dec 12, 2008
tightening budgets and layoffs have continued it. Looking to cut expenses, Americans are taking fewer trips and telecommuting for work more frequently.
Survey Reveals the Best Jobs in the Federal Government, CA - Dec 12, 2008
The survey considered the “family friendly culture” of each department and evaluated whether the government office helped families by offering telecommuting
Earthtoys (press release) - Dec 12, 2008
biodiesel blends and other alternative fuels, or by reducing the number of miles driven through such measures as using mass transit or telecommuting.
Broadband push may increase telecommuting
SmartBrief, DC - Dec 12, 2008
The Telework Coalition is seeking tax incentives for telecommuting, which it says has an environmental side effect of reducing automotive emissions.
With more cyber threats, SMBs need more security
MX Logic, CO - Dec 12, 2008
There is also the threat of telecommuting employees, which are also on the rise. Because they may use different programs than in-house employees,
Tech trends every school leader should know
eSchool News (subscription), MD - Dec 12, 2008
Like the growing trend of telecommuting to work, Rust predicted, virtual and distance education soon will trump the delivery of instruction via
Driving continues to decline as gas prices drop
The Associated Press - Dec 12, 2008
“I think when we probe these numbers we’ll find that a lot of people have figured out how to telework or how to go into the office fewer days.
Hungary Information Technology Report Q4 2008 (Pressemitteilung), Austria - Dec 12, 2008
Government initiatives to encourage telecommuting may provide a fresh stimulus. The lower value of the US dollar has reduced the prices of imported
10 biz-tech trends that would lead 2009
CIOL, India - Dec 12, 2008
For that reason, telework is becoming a strategic imperative. Companies would continue to recognize the benefits of enabling mobile teleworkers or at-home
Labor ministry to promote telecommuting; hopes to double number by, Hungary - Dec 12, 2008
The ministry has worked out five telecommuting programmes to boost this type of flexible employment in Hungary. The government plans to spend up to about 30
Four Essential Ways to Cut Your Tech Costs, MA - Dec 11, 2008
Telecommute: Working at home lets you save on gas costs, yet you can remain just as productive when telecommuting thanks to tools that permit you to connect
Telework to ease traffic: CED
Metro Canada - Calgary, Canada - Dec 11, 2008
Calgary Economic Development (CED) would like to see more employers and employees in the city working together to “telework” from home, which would relieve
Axia’s NBN plan ‘faster, cheaper’
Australian IT, Australia - Dec 11, 2008
Even in one small area, climate change, true telecommuting would be possible, services to remote areas, the list is endless of what could occur.
Op-Ed - AFRICA MUST PRODUCE OR PERISH - by Philip Emeagwali
ireport - Dec 11, 2008
One catalyst for such prosperity could be telecommuting. If 300 million Africans could work for companies located in the West (just as millions of Indians
Need a job, telecommute
The Fort Gordon Signal, GA - Dec 11, 2008
Many people are reacting to higher fuel cost by turning to telecommuting jobs. What does this have to do with Employment Readiness?
The Upside of High Oil Prices: Part 1, Short-term Effects
Hawaii Reporter, HI - Dec 11, 2008
TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES: High energy prices are a strong incentive for carpooling, bicycling, telecommuting, condensed work weeks (4×10) and switch to
Does telecommuting really work?
Virginia Business Magazine, VA - Dec 11, 2008
Telecommuting gives employees flexible work arrangements and can lower the cost of housing employees. But how well does this arrangement work?
Why the downturn can be good for digital nomads
Australian Techworld, Australia - Dec 11, 2008
The trend toward the digital nomad lifestyle, which includes everything from using Starbucks as your office to “extreme telecommuting” — working remotely
Why Is Transit Ridership Still Strong?
The Daily Score, CA - Dec 11, 2008
You may tweak your work schedule to telecommute on Fridays, but you likely won’t move your residence or job location right away. (An aside: consumers have

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