May 12, 2011

Work From Home? Naw, The Beach!

Just so you know that it really is possible, one of our best friends just sent us this message:

Just came back from my first day teaching … at the beach. Ain’t life grand!!!

To be sure, she worked for it, by first earning a Master’s Degree, and then going after the online teaching job of her dreams.

But now when she goes to work, she heads for the beach!

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5 Responses to Work From Home? Naw, The Beach!

  1. Missy H. says:

    Do you know my little sister Ashley? She has a teaching job where she logs onto the internet (wherever she is) and teaches South Koreans English. She loves the freedom she has and she even likes her students, who, by the way, are kids, teenagers and adults. This job is real!

  2. jasmin says:

    i am intrested in work at home

  3. mohammad jahieul islam says:

    i am interested in date entry work

  4. Zeny says:

    As a retiree, I would like to share with every family the precious moments I will be spending with my grandchildren. I know it would be more exciting than when I was a mother to my 4 kids. I am a single parent since I separated from my husband at the age of 42.
    I am sure retirement will be the best years of my life after many years working with the government and seeing through my kids achieved their dreams, though not all fully realized. But what is important, I have reached this phase of my life - happy, contented and eager to go on and be of help to more folks, young, old, poor and discriminated.

  5. Dave says:

    Working at the beach! Yes, that would be the perfect job! It’d be great to be a surfing instructor, or a life guard…talk about the perfect “job”!

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