June 9, 2008

Telecommuting News Summary 060908

Don’t let gas prices control your life
Community Press & Recorder, KY - Jun 9, 2008
Telecommute. Arrange conference calls instead of leaving the office for meetings. * Decrease use of gasoline or diesel-powered lawn equipment.
Designing a Dream Home Office
KRIS-TV, TX - Jun 9, 2008
As more and more Americans work from home - be it running a business or telecommuting for a job - the home office, which was once relegated to a small
Prices slap megacommuters
Cincinnati.com, OH - Jun 9, 2008
“The first time I filled my tank up and it cost over $55, I asked my boss about telecommuting. It has been very, very helpful.
Columbitech ‘Greens Up’ the Wireless Industry with the First
Business Wire (press release), CA - Jun 9, 2008
of battery power needed to operate mobile devices and provides secure remote access to the corporate network – making telecommuting a viable option.
Jasper Design Automation’s Kathryn Kranen Moderates DAC Pavilion
TMC Net, CT - Jun 9, 2008
Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California For details visit: If you don’t have a telecommuting program, how much revenue is your business losing?
How to be a ‘digital nomad’
Computerworld New Zealand, New Zealand - Jun 9, 2008
What is an extreme telecommuter, exactly? Well, the reality is that you may already be one. Here are the “extreme telecommuter,” lifestyles in order of
MY VIEW: Get ready, Sandy Springsteens, for a traffic-clogged summer
Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA - Jun 9, 2008
Seek out telecommuting options? Try deep breathing? Play soothing music? Switch to decaf? Or will we be our sweet selves and lean on our horns,
Employers can help reduce traffic in DFW
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - Jun 9, 2008
say employers can help prevent gridlock by offering four-day workweeks, incentive pay for biking to work, free transit passes and telecommuting.
Firms show flexibility on career-life balance
San Francisco Chronicle, USA - Jun 9, 2008
Those include reduced-hour jobs, flexible workdays, job shares and telecommuting. Another popular option is the flexible career arc, in which women
Some Employers Helping Workers Ease Cost Of Commuting
Hartford Courant, United States - Jun 9, 2008
participate in its Web seminar on telecommuting last week. And at Aetna, where about a quarter of 35000 employees nationwide already telecommute,
COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Improving health in the city is easy
Glendale News Press, CA - Jun 9, 2008
Some working adults in the Los Angeles basin could telecommute from home. High-speed broadband connections and the increased availability of fiber-optic
Sunrise, or Sunset for Teleworking
FederalNewsRadio.com - Jun 9, 2008
How convenient an argument against telecommuting is that?” DC Area Fed “Your article Backtracking on Teleworking cites OPM as having taken ‘recent actions
Extreme Commuting an Extremely Popular Option for Execs
Workforce Management, Ca - Jun 9, 2008
and Sun Microsystems are adopting measures to facilitate extreme commuting, which often entails four-day workweeks, telecommuting and flexible hours.
Commuting on a Bad Air Day
Washington Post, United States - Jun 9, 2008
Unless the air conditioning at work is better than at home, this is a good week to telecommute, if you have that option. — For the sake of the air quality,
Many try telecommuting to drive less
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - Jun 8, 2008
But climbing gasoline prices, and a musical chairslike scramble for unassigned cubicles every morning, prompted her to telecommute from home four out of
Bush Launches New Freedom Initiative
About - News & Issues, NY - Jun 8, 2008
“In our New Freedom Initiative, we are asking Congress to create a fund to help people with disabilities to buy the equipment they need to telecommute.
GAS: Employers seek to cut workers’ commutes
North County Times, CA - Jun 7, 2008
The Telework Coalition estimates that more than 26 million Americans now telecommute at least some days, which would be about 18 percent of people employed
Millennials large and in charge
Denver Post, CO - Jun 7, 2008
Whether it’s telecommuting or working on a laptop in a Starbucks, my generation will have more ways to work than yours ever did.
A new guide helps moms work from home
WebWire (press release), GA - Jun 7, 2008
Some of these methods that Marie will step you through include Paid surveys, virtual assistants, telecommuting, data entry, Home business ideas you can
Employers look at cutting down on workers’ commutes
USA Today - Jun 7, 2008
By Michael Hill, AP Writer With gas prices so high, Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson is letting staffers telecommute one day a week this summer.
Stay at home: With gas prices soaring, telecommuting an attractive
Asheville Citizen-Times, NC - Jun 7, 2008
Some estimates suggest that more than 45 million Americans telecommute on occasion. Of course, telecommuting is not possible with many jobs,
$5 gas? To some, it’s not impossible
San Francisco Chronicle, USA - Jun 7, 2008
About 6 percent of respondents had purchased more fuel-efficient cars, 6 percent had switched to telecommuting and 5 percent were working closer to home.
Energy surge prompts move to 4-day work week in US
AFP - Jun 7, 2008
The compressed four-day week is among many options being used by employees and employers in the US, including telecommuting and carpooling,
It’s becoming much easier to go green
San Francisco Chronicle, USA - Jun 7, 2008
Provide incentives for employees to carpool, bike, take transit or telecommute. Letting people work from home even one day a week can help. 5.
Express Yourself! Forums
Gwinnett Gazette, GA - Jun 7, 2008
Telecommute: Penalize Employers or Not? - 2008/06/07 18:00 Should employers be rewarded or penalized for not introducing telecommuting into their office
Commuters, employers rework practices to deal with gas prices
Chicago Tribune, United States - Jun 7, 2008
Nearly as many said they were looking for a new job closer to home as said they were driving more fuel-efficient cars or telecommuting more often.
Crude oil price rises more than $10 to another record
Los Angeles Times, CA - Jun 7, 2008
Telecommuting is on the rise, more companies are asking employees to work a four-day week to reduce commuting, public transit ridership is up, and Americans
Tips to survive gridlock
Bradenton Herald, United States - Jun 6, 2008
“People can try to do things like carpooling and maybe even ask their employers if they can telecommute,” said Randy Bly, director of community relations
Air Quality Action Days are Forecast for Saturday and Sunday (June
Yonkers Tribune, NY - Jun 6, 2008
Develop a commuter benefits program and/or telecommute policy for your organization. It’s good for your employees and makes business sense.
This is why I telecommute….
ScienceBlogs - Jun 6, 2008
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