March 31, 2008

Telecommuting News Summary 033108

2008 CDW-G Telework Report Reveals One Foot on the Gas, One Foot
FOXBusiness - Mar 31, 2008
Federal agencies remain strong advocates for telework, also called telecommuting, with 56 percent of Federal IT professionals indicating that their agencies
Goodbye cubicle: Fewer staff working at the
Huronia Business Times, Canada - Mar 31, 2008
Companies would set up these “teleworkers” or “telecommuters” who could give up the commute. Problem was, says Peter Browne, new President and CEO at
Wireless 2008: Hip to be green
TelephonyOnline - Mar 31, 2008
Increased use of telecommuting and teleconferencing to reduce travel. Purchasing renewable energy credits (vouchers used to purchase energy produced via
Telecommuting Hampered by Security
Dark Reading, NY - Mar 31, 2008
Since 2005, Federal IT support for telecommuting, also called telework, has grown 23 percent, according to a year-over-year trend analysis of telework
Health Plans Use Family-Centric Policies and Job Flexibility to
Atlantic Information Services, Inc., DC - Mar 31, 2008
Health plans also are using telecommuting to attract and retain nurses. While not suited to everyone, it offers some nurses the chance to be closer to their
As gas prices soar, so does carpooling
Cherry Hill Courier Post, NJ - Mar 31, 2008
Consumers who telecommute or take alternative transportation at least once a week are eligible for the Caring Commuter program, in which they receive a card
Petrol Price Q&A
News24, South Africa - Mar 31, 2008
Take advantage of telecommuting/telecommunications technology. Don’t drive aggressively/drive at the speed limit. Reduce air conditioner use/close windows.
Get ready for the 2012 work force
CEO Forum Group, Australia - Mar 31, 2008
organisations to adopt an expanded range of work arrangements, from long-term to contingent, from full-time to part-time, from onsite to telecommuting.
Rolling on the river to happier days
Chicago Tribune, United States - Mar 31, 2008
But if we can’t telecommute or live closer to the office, we can try to make our journey more pleasant. Cyclists bike to work; hikers and strollers hoof it,
Policy metaphor
Waterbury Republican American, CT - Mar 31, 2008
nor bricks and mortar, such as telecommuting, carpooling and staggering the starting times of workers’ shifts to spread urban traffic over many hours.
Turning ‘top down’ upside down
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - Mar 31, 2008
If you telecommute, you’re working more often. There’s less of a relationship and more work. The number of subordinates the average boss has is a lot larger
New strategies for new disasters
Computerworld, MA - Mar 31, 2008
For instance, many recovery plans laid the groundwork for employees to telecommute — a smart move in a scenario that could leave thousands homebound — but
The Zero Waste Office: Is it Possible?
GreenBiz, CA - Mar 31, 2008
As a way to reduce employee-commuting emissions, offices can adopt telecommuting policies, allowing or encouraging employees to work from home occasionally
South Florida’s Jews hear reasons for move to Israel, FL - Mar 31, 2008
But the most popular booth was the one led by Ron Machol, who explained how to get a job in Israel and the possibility of telecommuting from jobs in the US
In Hindsight: On the bright side, at least we live in paradise
San Jose Mercury News, USA - Mar 30, 2008
(You probably can see where we’re going here: Why not use all that technology we invented to telecommute from Paris?) Speaking of our struggling economy,
Vermont’s gas, diesel prices set records, VT - Mar 30, 2008
Now, on days when he is not telecommuting, the 35-year-old Georgia man drives a Saturn Ion. He swapped the minivan, which could travel about 15 miles on a
Careful planning vital on I-10 bypass
Arizona Daily Star, AZ - Mar 30, 2008
Tax incentives for telecommuting may spur more people to work from home. Light rail is often mentioned as a way to alleviate traffic congestion,
Work or Motherhood? Why not figure out how to do both, MA - Mar 29, 2008
Despite the widespread acceptance of flex time and telecommuting, there is still resistance among employers, especially in time-intensive fields such as law
Make the workplace fun to retain your Gen X, Y workers, NC - Mar 29, 2008
Many Xers and Ys feel flex-time and telecommuting make their lives better. Gen X and Y are highly proficient with e-mail, SMS messaging, video calling,
Companies offer prizes, programs for good attendance
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA - Mar 28, 2008
By Joe Napsha With unscheduled absenteeism costing some large firms $760000 a year on average, businesses have turned to telecommuting, alternative work
Island leaders plead with senator for housing help
Whidbey News Times, WA - Mar 28, 2008
Commissioner John Dean stressed a need for alternative forms of transportation and consistent broadband connections that will help foster telecommuting.
Flex-Options for workers introduced to Kansas City businesses
Kansas City Star, MO - Mar 28, 2008
Flex-Options is designed to help businesses learn how to offer flexible staff scheduling, part-time and job-sharing positions, telecommuting, paid time off
Ex-PUD treasurer’s lawsuit set in Grant County
Columbia Basin Herald, WA - Mar 28, 2008
Gerde’s justification to have the case heard in King County was because the PUD rented an office space in SeaTac for a telecommuting employee.
Building for the future: fitting business in the Estes Valley
Estes Park Trail Gazette, CO - Mar 28, 2008
Finally, web based businesses and telecommuting should be encouraged because they cut down on carbon intensive automobile use.
Going Green in the Workplace
MSNBC - Mar 28, 2008
The best-case scenario is to telecommute by working from home. Today’s technology-eg, video conferencing, instant messaging and online seminars-has made
Air pollution district’s push: Limit how much you drive
Modesto Bee, CA - Mar 28, 2008
“See if carpooling or telecommuting becomes a behavioral change that stays around all year long.” The district plans to blitz local government officials,
Union Sprouts Green Ad Agency
Environmental Leader, CO - Mar 27, 2008
in order to limit the company’s contribution to carbon emissions and pollution. Video networking from home and telecommuting are used whenever practical.
Eco-friendly workplace, AZ - Mar 27, 2008
By the same token, when making your daily commute, carpool, bike, use mass transit or telecommute when possible. Just like at home, you can use nontoxic
The Malware War, NE - Mar 27, 2008
There is always concern about the security risks that workers who telecommute pose. Yet, securing these workers largely involves the same practices that

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