Work At Home & Home Business Weekly News Summary

Work at home, home based business and telecommuting news for the week ending March 24, 2008.

A Delicate Balance
California Job Journal, CA - Mar 24, 2008
Using technology like this can simplify telecommuting, shorten otherwise long days at the office, and allow more quality time at home.

Ask For What You Want
California Job Journal, CA - Mar 24, 2008
For example, “I think I could be more productive by telecommuting two days a week. I waste two hours a day in rush-hour traffic, and could be more effective

Air Pollution Control District announces poster contest
Monterey County Herald, CA - Mar 24, 2008
with posters showing how families can improve air quality by biking, walking, carpooling, vanpooling, riding the bus, telecommuting or other ideas.

Deccan Herald

The word is FLEXITIME
Deccan Herald, India - Mar 21, 2008
telecommuting is another option, where women work from home.” Cisco has been a pioneer in promoting flexi-time concept as part of its corporate culture.

Express Computers

telecommuting: the way forward?
Express Computers, India - Mar 18, 2008
Renuka Vembu taps the nascent stages of telecommuting in India In the age of an increasing inverse ratio between needs and satisfaction levels,

The ‘naked truth’ about telecommuting
North County Times, CA - Mar 17, 2008
Lister and husband, Tom Harnish, are big fans of telecommuting. They have done it for years. And they are trying to get many people to follow suit —- or

Pain at the pump: North Kitsap goes alternative
North Kitsap Herald, WA - Mar 22, 2008
So much so, in fact, several modes of alternative transportation have increased in popularity in the North End. From bus riding to telecommuting,

Engineering Solutions Manager
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Mar 21, 2008
telecommuting is not an option. Oversee and contribute to the gathering of requirements for planning and performance applications.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love telecommuting
CIO, MA - Mar 17, 2008
I didn’t think telecommuting was right for IT departments. This article is my official about-face on telecommuting and flexible work arrangements.

The Internet? Bah!
Donklephant - Mar 22, 2008
Visionaries see a future of telecommuting workers, interactive libraries and multimedia classrooms. They speak of electronic town meetings and virtual


telecommuting could help staff balance work, life
Currents, CA - Mar 10, 2008
They’re telecommuters. For some staff members, a computer with a high-speed connection and the appropriate software, a phone, any relevant files or

Wall Street Journal

The telecommuting Trend
Wall Street Journal - Feb 27, 2008
“Jim from Minneapolis” said he and many of his telecommuting colleagues were being called back to the office. After years of working productively from home,

Public Safety Communications Engineer
Seattle Times, United States - Mar 20, 2008
ADCOMM employees enjoy the benefits of a telecommuting lifestyle, so it is important that the candidate have the ability and space to work from home.

Gay Wired

The Death of telecommuting?
Gay Wired, CA - Mar 13, 2008
By George F Franks III Much has been written over the past several months about the pending death of telecommuting. Companies and their management have been

Roadshow: Adjusting to high gas prices?
San Jose Mercury News, USA - 10 hours ago
By Gary Richards Q I commute more than 100 miles a day, and I’ve adjusted to high gas prices by driving slower and telecommuting when I can. HKG:0888


In Pictures: The 10 Biggest Cities Of 2025
Forbes, NY - Mar 19, 2008
As it turns out, many people just like city life, and telecommuting opportunities are limited: Doing business still requires face time.

telecommuting is a win-win deal
TCPalm, FL - Mar 10, 2008
By Allan Appel (Contact) A compilation of academic studies has been released to support the many benefits of telecommuting. It generally involves someone

Making it Work Without Paid Child Care
Wall Street Journal - Mar 19, 2008
They stagger their telecommuting schedules so one is home to help their two school-aged kids get ready in the morning and the other meets the youngest at

Big Businesses Decrease telecommuting, NY - Mar 2, 2008
One of the major benefits of increased broadband availability has been that telecommuting is increasingly an option for individuals who wish to work from

House committee approves telework bill, VA - Mar 18, 2008
federal telecommuting is on its way to the House Floor after the House Homeland Oversight and Government Reform Committee approved it by voice vote Mar.

IT professionals are defined by talent, not their generation
IT World Canada Blogs, Canada - Mar 20, 2008
“I believe IT departments are extremely hypocritical when it comes to telecommuting. We are the sector that develops and deploys telecommuting solutions,

telecommuting a win-win situation
Montreal Gazette, Canada - Feb 27, 2008
Working from home, or telecommuting, is becoming more popular among workers as technological advancements allow for it. The conventional wisdom is that

telecommuting in Trouble - Or Is It?
WebWorkerDaily, CA - Mar 2, 2008
A recent column in the Wall Street Journal pulls together a series of reports on retrenchments in telecommuting policies: AT&T, Intel, HP, and the federal

Telecommuters feel sting of taxes, NC - Feb 24, 2008
By David S. Joachim, Tens of thousands of telecommuters are receiving tax bills from states where they do not live, do not vote and do not use local

Are telecommuters worth the extra cost?
FierceCIO, DC - Mar 13, 2008
This week, we report on a Cisco study that finds it costs money to protect the security of remote workers. No surprise there, seeing as nothing is free.

A paler shade of green
Globe and Mail, Canada - Mar 10, 2008
Canadian companies have been slow to adopt telecommuting, though it is proven to reduce carbons, and despite its popularity with the work force,

telecommuting: It takes discipline to work from home
WTN News, WI - Feb 23, 2008
Called “Practical Values: Works Well With Others,” the article taught me a lot about telecommuting. It also got me thinking whether or not I would do well

Intersoft Emerges as LimeLeap to Deliver a New Eco-friendly Twist
PR Newswire (press release), NY - 10 minutes ago
Our solutions enable telecommuting, the paperless transfer of information, and more efficient work environments, said Luzuriaga. “This rebrand won’t change

Lawmakers push telework as overall participation drops, VA - Mar 11, 2008
By Ben Bain The latest legislation aimed at boosting federal telecommuting is expected to be marked up by a House committee March 13 as lawmakers in both

telecommuting not always as relaxing as it might sound
Columbia Daily Tribune, MO - Feb 27, 2008
Life is good in the Mayville household, about as good as it gets for two full-time working parents with demanding careers. Family life flows in and around

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