December 8, 2008

Telecommuting News Summary 12/08/08

County OKs telecommute from Arizona
Mankato Free Press, MN - Dec 7, 2008
Tammy Morgan has received unanimous approval from the County Board to telecommute from the condo she and husband Greg own in Mesa, Ariz.
Fluorescent bulbs, hybrids not enough BUSINESS BROWSER >>
The Free Lance-Star, VA - Dec 7, 2008
electric grids running on renewable energy, plug-in hybrid vehicles, toll roads to encourage telework and homes that use energy during non-peak hours.
The WIMAX catalyst
New Straits Times, Malaysia - Dec 7, 2008
This ubiquitous wireless broadband Internet access will give many Malaysians the option to choose to telecommute — to work from home or another location.
What’s an office for?
ScienceBlogs - Dec 6, 2008
That’s what telecommuting and coworking are all about. Recognition that the concept of the “office” is something that belongs to the previous millennium.
Be flexible in seeking new work schedule
New York Daily News, NY - Dec 6, 2008
innovative approaches to coping in the workplace, especially those that emphasize a work/life balance through job-sharing, telecommuting or flextime.
Transit service disruption options
Ottawa Start (press release), Canada - Dec 6, 2008
Residents are encouraged to travel outside rush hours or find alternate means of travelling, such as carpooling, cycling or telecommuting.
Outreach CEO chosen for program at Oxford
2TheAdvocate, LA - Dec 5, 2008
which was created by eBay founder Jeff Skoll, begins in January and is tailored toward busy executives with an emphasis on telecommuting.
Hoyer challenges Bush on union rights
Washington Times, DC - Dec 5, 2008
“There is no reason to believe that having the right to bargain over telework or safety improvements in any way impacts their ability to enforce laws
Web Developer at Patents Online Baltimore, MD, telecommute possible
Ars Technica, MA - Dec 5, 2008
Patents Online, LLC runs several web sites, with the best known being and — both patent-oriented.
Entrepreneurs continue local investments
Mountain Mail Newspaper, CO - Dec 5, 2008
Aside from the typical business, Engelbrecht said there are a lot of “lone eagles” - those who telecommute and choose to live in Chaffee County.
PeopleCube’s Resource Scheduler: Save money while saving the
Enterprise Management Quarterly, Illinois - Dec 5, 2008
Resource Scheduler includes several “green” reports (eg, utilization, cost calculation, telecommuting-savings analysis, videoconferencing cost savings) that
eScrip Selects Cisco WebEx Training Center to Facilitate Training (press release), Bulgaria - Dec 5, 2008
WebEx applications support multipoint video conferencing, web conferencing, telework and application remote control. Please call toll-free 877-509-3239 or CSCO
IDC: Economy Will Force IT to Transform - Dec 4, 2008
The bad economy will lead businesses to ramp up support for telecommuting, and they will begin paying for employees’ computers and mobile devices to get
Should I Negotiate?
Insight News, MN - Dec 4, 2008
they would be willing to let John telecommute when needed in order to help him meet family obligations without exhausting his vacation days.
Market a Home from All Angles-Know How ‘Connected’ a Home Is (press release), CT - Dec 4, 2008
Also, many workers are opting to telecommute, meaning they need to be connected to a reliable, cost-effective home network. In recent years, two of the
Couples’ Investment Firm Enjoys 15 Years in New Canaan
New Canaan News Review, CT - Dec 4, 2008
Before flex time and telecommuting became popular, HTG hired people on a part-time permanent basis. “The hours work for their schedule, but it’s flexible to
iLinc Web Conferencing Announces 2009 User Conference, January 27
Centre Daily Times, PA - Dec 4, 2008
iLinc customers use web conferencing software to drive their sales and marketing efforts, support telecommuting initiatives, create virtual classrooms, ILC
“Aging tech yields golden opportunity”
Bend Bulletin, OR - Dec 4, 2008
When the opportunity came in 1996 to work for Fujitsu, Langer took the job with the caveat he could telecommute. “In those days, you didn’t want to give the
Find Qualified Telecommuting Employees and Freelancers with a Free
PR Web (press release), WA - Dec 4, 2008
Work at Home Jobs at FlexJobs is the leading web service for telecommuting and work at home job listings.
Generation gaps concern in workplace
The Auburn Plainsman,  USA - Dec 3, 2008
“Generation Y (Millennials) wants things like flextime and the option to telecommute,” Deery said. “But some Baby Boomers and Traditionalists have the
What’s on road ahead?
The Free Lance-Star, VA - Dec 3, 2008
This technology-savvy population will be comfortable working on the go, and telecommuting will undergo a shift, Martin predicted. Generation Y workers will
Strategies for Working From Home
Washington Post, United States - Dec 3, 2008
Many people believe that they lack the discipline to effectively telecommute. They fear that they would be too distracted, lured away from their job duties
Husky wins Employer of the Year in Brampton-Caledon
Caledon Citizen, Canada - Dec 3, 2008
efforts to help employees get to work by walking, cycling, taking transit, carpooling and telework instead of driving in single occupancy vehicles.
Why Government Should Meddle in Broadband
GigaOm, CA - Dec 3, 2008
Another benefit of better broadband would be the ability for people to telecommute. This has far-reaching benefits, from fewer cars on the roads to
Telecommuting, Teleconferencing Are On The Rise, NY - Dec 3, 2008
An increase in fuel prices and the continuation of the economic crisis have contributed to a higher number of businesspeople choosing to telecommute as well
Embracing telecommuting, but slowly
SmartBrief, DC - Dec 3, 2008
In all, 146 SmartBrief on Workforce readers weighed in on last week’s SmartPulse question: Do you expect workers at your company to telecommute more often
The “True” Cost of Federal Civil Service Employees to the Taxpayer
Wilson County News, TX - Dec 3, 2008
In addition, many Federal agencies are encouraged to allow employees the opportunity to Telework either at home or at a remote location at least one day a
MTS Allstream Signs Up for One Million Acts of Green Initiative
TMCnet - Dec 3, 2008
MTS’ so-called “Workplace 2.0” telework program offers eligible employees the option of working from home. They are also offering upgraded bicycle
Light Reading - Dec 3, 2008
Ubiquitous, high-bandwidth connections would enable feature-rich multimedia telecommuting capabilities that could empower almost any worker not directly
Memorial City Mall Brightens Holiday Shopping for Commuters
MarketWatch - Dec 3, 2008
“Green” commuters save money and reduce their environmental impact by carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, telecommuting and using public transportation

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