Telecommuting Motherload

Let’s say you’ve convinced (or are trying to convince) your employer to let you work from home. Or you’re an enlightened business owner who sees telecommuting as a way to attract and retain good workers. Where do you go for information about how to implement a telework program?

Well, since the U.S. government is the largest work-from-home employer, you might start with them. After all, your tax dollars helped them figure it out to begin with. Talk about a research budget!

Daddy, where does money come from? is the official government site and well worth a visit but for the motherload of pilferable material on the subject, go to the U.S. General Services Administration telework resource page. Here are just some of their well funded goodies–free for the taking:

Telework Technology Cost Study

Technology Barriers to Federal Home-Based Telework Study

Telecommuting Program Promotional Materials

Telework Fact Sheet
Telework Frequently Asked Questions
Telework Resource Materials
Telework Information Sheet
Company Adaptable Flyer
Telework Survey


Telecommuting and Dependent Care Study Report
Telecommuting Program Guidance
Avoid Costly Work Stoppages
Evolution of Telework in the Federal Government
Federal Flexible Workplace Evaluation
Federal Flexible Workplace
Federal Telework Topics
Home Sweet Office
The Evolving Workplace
Implementation Manual for Telecommuting/Telework
Recommended Practices for Telework Program Success
Discussion on Essential Practices Study

All their materials are downloadable as Word, pdf, or Powerpoint documents so you can tailor them to your own work-from-home program.

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