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12 Novel Ways to Make Money In Tough Times

By allowing people to telecommute and work from home, technology and telecommunications have allowed consumers to become producers. Writers, musicians, photographers are creating, participating, and contributing. That’s what YouTube, Flickr, and millions of blogs are all about. Now the economic recession is adding a personal urgency to for cash-strapped ordinary consumers. People are finding novel […]

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The Best of Both - Commute in Bunny Slippers

A Firmware Engineer at Tesla Motors (they make a very cool electric sports car that goes 0-60 in 4 seconds!) decided to build these all-electric pink bunny slippers just to see if they could. If you have a home based business, freelance and work from home, or telecommute, these babies are just the ticket. They […]

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Work-At-Home and Make Your Banker Happy

Do you own a small business? Wanna make your banker love you? Well, maybe not love you, but certainly like you enough to renew that line of credit? When economic times get tough, bankers worry about their business borrowers. If they don’t think you’re payin’ attention to the economic downturn, that could mean curtains for […]

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Telecommuting News Summary 022508

Work at home, home business, and freelance job news for the week beginning February 16, 2008. Next Generation Policy Discussion Streamed Live on NextGenWeb.org … Biloxi Sun Herald, USA - Feb 25, 2008 … is revolutionizing the classroom experience and how it can play a key role in reducing hazardous greenhouse gas emissions through telecommuting. […]

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Work At Home? Let’s Talk Dirty

More than half the women and two thirds of men don’t shower on work-at-home days according to a survey conducted last year by research firm Insight Express for security systems vendor SonicWall. What’s more, one in eight male teleworkers and one in 14 female teleworkers say they do their jobs in the nude. Now don’t […]

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