February 9, 2009

Telecommuting News Summary 021109

Telecommuting news summary for week ending February 11, 2009

NLC Green Conference Travels Green
Nation’s Cities Weekly, DC - 17 hours ago
SmartTrips operates under the assumption that if people are offered the ability to learn more about carpooling, transit, walking, telecommuting and
Stimulus Proposal
DirectionsMag.com, IL - Feb 9, 2009
Many GIS technicians can work at home and tele-commute. New, digital technologies eliminate the need for photo processing, thus making the mapping process
The ‘patent pending’ problem
Boston Globe, United States - Feb 9, 2009
The office must revamp its wage and fee structures, introduce more flexible and realistic application-review policies, encourage more telecommuting and work
Compliance Pitfalls Arise in Negotiations on Starting Salaries
Workforce Management, Ca - Feb 9, 2009
401(k) matching programs, the ability to telecommute and more—and prove the value of these benefits as well as salary to potential recruits.
Telecommuting and Work at Home Online Community Launches at
PR Web (press release), WA - Feb 8, 2009
FlexJobs, the leading online job service for hand-screened telecommuting and work at home job listings, connects job-seekers with inspiration, support,
DHR consultant’s pay probed
Atlanta Journal Constitution,  USA - Feb 8, 2009
But the inspector general also found that one of the three employees “created a perception of impropriety” by allowing a second one to telework from Chicago
Working Without Going to Work … Is It Workable? It’s Being Tracked
Kitsap Sun,  United States - Feb 7, 2009
The director of the Home Builder’s Association of Kitsap County is bringing some of his fellow staff members into the world of telecommuting as part of an
When Daycare isn’t Working Out
마인드스포츠올림피아드, South Korea - Feb 7, 2009
There are also workplaces that allow telecommuting and others that will accept reduced hours or part-time employees. Parents must decide what they feel most
Don’t Quit Your Day Job! Convincing Your Boss To Let You Telecommute
마인드스포츠올림피아드, South Korea - Feb 7, 2009
With the right approach, a little research and a good proposal, many employees are selling the idea of telecommuting to their employers.
Eastman Kodak to shutter in Norwalk
Stamford Advocate, CT - Feb 6, 2009
Some of the employees will move to other Kodak locations or will telecommute, and others will be laid off, Veronda said. “Eastman Kodak has made the EK
Sweat pants and metrics
FCW.com, VA - Feb 6, 2009
As more telework employees and their managers are learning, office familiarity is not an acceptable substitute for real performance.
Rural broadband is the next big thing
High Plains Journal, KS - Feb 6, 2009
Telecommuting can take on a whole new meaning with rural broadband access as information-based jobs can be placed in rural Kansas and not in Mumbai, India.
Working Near the Wild
Backpacker Magazine - Feb 6, 2009
More Americans telecommute from homes near abundant outdoor recreation. Would you? The proliferation of smart phones, broadband wireless access,
Securing a Telecommuting Agreement with Your Employer
Washington Post, United States - Feb 6, 2009
I say this because I’ve experienced companies that say they’re flexible and allow telecommuting, but once you’re there, that’s not necessarily the case or
Consultant says Russell right place for TeleWork center -2/6/2009
Hays Daily News, KS - Feb 6, 2009
By GAYLE WEBER RUSSELL — About 100 people gathered here Thursday to hear a proposal for a TeleWork center that could bring jobs to the town.
Flexibility can offer alternatives to downsizing
Business Lexington, KY - Feb 6, 2009
Reduced work schedules, 4- to 10-hour days, telecommuting, job-sharing or unpaid vacations are solutions that have minimized job cuts at places such as Dell
PeopleCube predicts four cost-saving business trends for 2009
Enterprise Management Quarterly, Illinois - Feb 6, 2009
This supports organizations’ green initiatives, while simultaneously promoting telecommuting, supporting a mobile workforce, and increasing employee
Astaro Provides First Auto-Configuration Solution For iPhone VPN
PR-Inside.com (Pressemitteilung), Austria - Feb 6, 2009
Whether telecommuting or working remotely, workers no longer have to open their laptops in order to safely access company or home network resources.
Going green for efficiency
Frederick News Post (subscription), MD - Feb 5, 2009
Adopting policy by 2010 that will have at least 20 percent of employees participate in alternative schedules or telecommuting.
Make way for the ‘cloudigators’
Express Computers, India - Feb 5, 2009
It used to be called telecommuting—which was all about replacing a daily office trip with telecommunication links. ” “Maybe you could say that I am half-way
End of the reel for Norwalk Kodak employees
The Hour, CT - Feb 5, 2009
take approximately 100 employees out of Norwalk’s employee base, but many of those workers will remain with Kodak and either relocate or telecommute.
Working Away in Crested Butte
New York Times, United States - Feb 5, 2009
is certainly not alone in this trend, but it offers a revealing window into the phenomenon of telecommuting from a community formerly cut off from the
24/7 work starts shaping
News On Sunday, Mauritius - Feb 5, 2009
job sharing, compressed work week, telecommuting, reduced hours/part time, banking of hours/annualised hours, partial leave, phased retirement,
The comp crackdown and shareholder rights
The Daily Deal (subscription), NY - Feb 5, 2009
Recall how we once boasted of our culture of self-invention and re-invention, of telecommuting and a free-agent lifestyle. Defined contribution plans were
Denish’s Transition Team Completes Assignments
Mountain Mail, NM - Feb 5, 2009
“Increasing telecommuting options can allow us to reduce motor-pools and take more vehicles off the roads,” she said. “It was suggested that this
VSee Allows for Continuous Real-Time Monitoring of All Cameras at
TMCnet - Feb 5, 2009
VSee was originally created as a telework platform, yet found new application when adapted to enable security officers to watch multiple remote cameras in
Suburban Turmoil: The nannification of Nashville
Nashville City Paper, TN - Feb 4, 2009
“Many parents are either going back part time or going back full time and telecommuting.” She added that, particularly for parents with more than one child,
Charter Launches Residential Internet Service
Trading Markets (press release), CA - Feb 4, 2009
greater advantage of rapidly growing interactive applications available on the Internet and to help telecommuting workers become even more productive. CHTR - OTC:CMTX
Jefferson official soon to leave post
Martinsburg Journal, WV - Feb 4, 2009
Jefferson County’s Development Authority also created a BizTech Federal Telework Center and a small business incubator during Peters’ tenure.
How Green is Your Software Solution?
Accounting Software 411 (press release), CA - Feb 4, 2009
SaaS solutions enable telecommuting. This means that you no longer have employees wasting fuel by driving to work and getting stuck in traffic.

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