February 14, 2009

Spammers, The CIA is On Your Case

If you work at home, telecommute, or run a home based business you be glad to hear this.

The new Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair, briefed Congress on the U.S. intelligence community’s annual threat assessment. They used to worry about things like Iranian nuclear weapons and terrorist groups. But times. they are a changin’.

Number one oh their hit list is repurcusions from the world economic situation. Number two is the Blakans, three is Afganistan, four is North Korean.

Spam now 81% of all E-mail

But number 5 is computer security, and just hacking attacks. “Spam—unsolicited E-mail that can contain malicious software—now accounts for 81 percent of all E-mail. . . . The total cost of spam and all of the types of fraud that take advantage of spam’s impact is $42 billion in the U.S. and $140 billion worldwide last year,” Blair said. And if that ain’t bad enough, in 2008 companies across the globe may have lost over $1 trillion worth of intellectual property.

Have to ask, why are we paying (indirectly) $42 billion to support spammers? It cost you $300 to support those jerks!

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