Spam Equals Scam

Emails offering a job where you work from home processing rebates are common. Some suggest you can make $15 for each one you process and they claim you can do ten or more an hour. Yeah, right. And if you haven’t fallen for that line they offer you double your money back.

I have to send you money to get a job? Wrong.

You don’t even have to read this garbage to know it’s a scam. Mainly that’s because if it comes by email as spam you can assume it’s a scam. Nobody pays anyone $150 an hour to do clerical work. And nobody who has a dream job to offer advertises it by sending out unsolicited spam email. What’s more, no legitimate employer will require that you pay them to land a job.

Envelope-stuffing is another similar scam, which is ridiculous on the face of it. Why would anyone pay you to stuff and seal maybe 4-5 envelopes a minutes when they have machines that can do 100 a minute? But they make the job sound easy and they claim you can make $200 a week. Of course the ads ask you to send money for more information, but what you get is an explanation (poorly written, we might add) that explains how to get into the envelope stuffing scam business yourself. You’re instructed to place a classified newspaper ad, photocopy the material you’re reading, stuff it in an envelope, and send it to any dummy who sends you money. But that’s mail fraud, and illegal-which is why it was sent as spam email to begin with.

Spam equals scam.

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