March 8, 2008

Odd Work At Home Jobs

One of the nice thing about working from home is there are many different ways to make money. We wouldn’t recommended any of these odd work at home jobs, but entrepreneurship is all about creativity.

Unlike many of the scams out there today, these people don’t ask for money up-front.

Odd Work At Home Job

Now this one has all kinds of interesting bits in it. Let’s see, using their numbers, you’ll have 9,000 three pound frogs within a year-that’s 13.5 tons of frogs in your backyard. What in the world are you going to do with them? Why, can them of course. I remember my grandmother canning peaches, and doing that to frogs just doesn’t evoke the same homey image. The good news is these guys will pay you $5 a dozen, or $2250 dollars for your Tons ‘o Froggie. Yum!

Odd Work At Home Job

Not into slimy critters? How ’bout a tanning salon? Well, not exactly, but you too can learn to give your hide a good tannin’. But here’s the creative twist, you use the results to create a home museum! Do you know how many people visit museums? You’ll be rich!

Come to think of it, why not branch out, so to speak. Does trying to find a way to earn a living from home have you up a tree? Heard the business adage, “Got lemons? Make lemonade!” Big profits in your spare time with this baby!

But wait, we know women are really good at washing dishes, and not much else-and you can see how much they love it (the curlers are a nice touch, don’t you think?)-so why not start a home-based business offering them pearl-diving jobs?

Odd Work At Home Job

A word of caution though, you can be trapped in the wrong job as these next two images clearly depict. But then, they aren’t really work at home jobs anyway. Still, let’s be careful out there!


Odd Work At Home Job


Odd Work At Home Job

Now aren’t you glad you stopped by to see what’s-what in the world of work at home jobs, home based businesses, and telecommuting?

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One Response to Odd Work At Home Jobs

  1. pbordes says:

    The hamster ad reminded me that in the 1950s I often saw ads pushing the idea of raising chinchillas at home to make your fortune. Makes more sense than hamsters I guess. At least chinchilla fur is somewhat valuable. Never have seen a hamster coat!

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