How To Search For Work-At-Home Jobs

A local zoo commissioned a sculptor to create a life-size statue of an elephant. When he was done, a reporter asked how he went about such a mammoth undertaking. He explained that he starts with a big block of marble and chisels off everything that doesn’t look like an elephant.

Looking for work-at-home jobs requires a similar approach.

You start with the 1.1 million “telecommuting” hits on Google, and hack off anything that doesn’t look like a legitimate at-home job.

What’s left, you’ll find, are a handful of conventional jobs sites that occasionally feature home based work, a collection of web sites that specialize in work-at-home jobs, and a few good sources of freelance work. They’re far from perfect so keep your chisel handy, but with a little work they can unveil something that at least looks vaguely mammalian.

Staring tomorrow we’ll take you through each of the major job sites, step by step, and sort out the pluses and minus for you on each. In keeping with the behemoth theme, tomorrow we’ll going after monsters.

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