Finding Work At Home: Part 5—

In our continuing search for job boards that offer legitimate work-at-home and home freelance business opportunities, we ran a cross a site called We were impressed with the quality of work-at-home jobs on their site so we decided to learn more about them. Here’s a summary of the interview we conducted for our forthcoming book with Michael Turner (of MarketingMax ComputerJobs’ public relations representative) to find out more about the company.

First, a little background on

The company was started by Mike and Nancy Gilfillan in 1995. Since that time they’ve risen to become a leading Information Technology (IT) employment Web site. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and acquired by JobServe in 2006, mission is to be the first place IT professionals visit when using the Internet to look for computer-related jobs, career information, or industry resources.

In the early ’90’s, Mike was working as a computer programmer in Atlanta. While researching a book called Atlanta’s Project Based Computer Jobs, he realized that many computer professionals lacked good job hunting skills. He also realized that looking for a job in the Sunday newspaper was about as inefficient as using a punch card—and nearly as frustrating, for both the job seeker and the job advertiser.

Recognizing that computer professionals would be quick to embrace the Internet, Mike and Nancy created a Web site called AtlantaComputerJobs Store. Contracting firms were eager to attract some of the thousands of computer professionals already using this new computer network. The word spread quickly among Atlanta programmers that there was a cool new way to find a job—free, and right where their fingertips were comfortable, on the keyboard.

In the 17-plus years since it’s humble beginnings, has expanded to include nationwide and even international employment opportunities.

Here’s what Mike had to say:

(Q) How many open positions do you have?

On average, has tens of thousands of IT specific job postings on the site.

(Q) How many employers use your service?

Upwards of 20,000 use’s services.

(Q) Do you do anything to verify the authenticity of a job post?’s has a dedicated Client Services team that audits the jobs that are posted to the web site. Finding a job can be frustrating, and we try to make the process as painless as possible.

(Q) How much do employers pay to list a job? Is it a success fee or posting fee? understands the relentless pressure to hire the best IT talent, hire them fast and still control hiring costs. We incorporate a variety of customized services and features designed to assist employers. Employers can pay as little as $350.00 for a four week pay-as-you-go posting. There’s discounted pricing for larger packages.

(Q) Do you have a feel for the percentage of jobs that are filled on your site?

We have to rely on our clients to notify of us about the jobs that they fill from our site, which doesn’t always happen. So we don’t have specific percentages, but we have consistently high client renewal numbers.

(Q) What is your niche in the job board marketplace? focuses solely on the IT industry. specialty sites help our clients funnel qualified IT candidates into specific industries, such as Aerospace, Engineering, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, and Telecommunications. This provides candidates the ability to highlight their specific industry expertise.

(Q) What are the most needed skills?

Although it varies, the top search terms by clients this month are Windows, Security, SAP, SQL Server and Architect.

(Q) How are you different from your competitors / Why should a job candidate use you?

ComputerJobs was founded by IT professionals for IT professionals. ComputerJobs has always sought to provide candidates with the experience that we would like to have when searching for a new job. This includes such features as Job Alerts to keep candidates aware of the latest job opportunities, the ability to upload a resume in a variety of popular document formats and the ability to block certain recruiters from being able to view a resume. In essence, ComputerJobs has always tried to put the candidate first and in full control of their job search.

(Q) Are any fees paid by the job candidate?’s services are free of charge for candidates.

(Q) Are your jobs scraped or aggregated from other job boards?

In an effort to simplify recruiters’ manual efforts of posting jobs, has worked with specific clients to develop custom applications to obtain jobs from their respective websites.

(Q) Are your jobs fed to any other job boards (such as CareerBuilder, HotJobs, or others)?

Jobs posted to are posted to our parent company’s website, JobServe USA, as well as hundreds of small local boards through our exporting partnerships.

(Q) What percentage of your posts come from recruiters?

There is approximately a 60/40 ratio of recruiting companies vs. end user companies.

Aside from the high percentage of recruiter posts (click here to read our earlier comments on the recruiter vs. direct hire issue), we like what we see here. On the PJ meter they get a 5 all the way around. If you’re looking for a work-at-home IT job go to

Happy hunting! And do let us know how you make out!

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