June 1, 2009

Work At Home Searches Among Most Dangerous on Web

Rummaging around the web looking for work-at-home or telecommuting jobs can be dangerous. According to a recent report by Internet security experts at McAfee, your searches might lead you to scams and malware, not just a new way to work. (But then you’d already know that if you read Chapter 4 in Undress For Success!)

According to the McAfee report, “The chance to make good money while you ‘work from home’ lures many people to their first run in with Internet scammers. Work from home schemes are so popular, the Federal Trade Commission has a consumer bulletin on it. And with the economic crisis, even more unwitting consumers are tempted to give these scams a try.” But the FTC isn’t the only one on the case, the FBI is after the scum too.

What kinds of risk do you expose yourself to when you search for work from home opportunities? Everything from rebate process rip-offs, to a $20 ‘database’ of jobs that’s nothing more than links to sites you can visit free, to sites McAfee rates as the red-light district where you can be infected with a virus that will turn your computer into a bot slave and enable identity theft.

Let’s be careful out there!

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2 Responses to Work At Home Searches Among Most Dangerous on Web

  1. steve says:

    Here is an offer I recently received. How can I determine if it is legit or not? It certainly has many characteristics of a scam. Is there a way to bust them if it is a scam or illegal operation? Please advise.

    As a Local Agent you will receive  money from Parship International clients using your dedicated bank account. Then in turn you will then send the money to Parship International .
    Communication is the most important aspect of our company, you must contact Parship International at the time of retrieval from the clients and at the time of all money transfers.
    All tasks must be completed in a timely manner and communication with Parship International is essential and should occur in the morning hours(or during a day), due to time zone differences.
    Funds which are sent to the company by our customers are intended to be used for presents, flowers, trips, special occasions, simply saying expenditures connected to romance.
    No other types of transfers are allowed through our services. 

    Work required 3-4 weekdays (Mon-Fri) for1-2 hours each day.

    Your salary will be $1400 per month +  4% commission from each transfer.
    You will get commissions immediately after retrieval from client. 
    Pay will be monthly, sent to you on the last business day of each month.

    We look forward to establishing this working relationship with you, and wish for you wealth within our company. !! Also if you choose to accept this position as, Local Agent, you will receive all monies for previous text editing with first transfer!!.

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

    Parship International

  2. Tom Harnish says:

    Scam. Essentially you’re laundering money for them. Stay far away.

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