August 17, 2009

Telecommuting News Summary 081709

Contest winner: Life is better on a bike

York Daily Record - Teresa Ann Boeckel - Aug 16, 2009
The agency promotes alternatives to driving alone, such as biking, carpooling or telecommuting. Hedrick received a package that included a water bottle and

When kids are sick, try telecommuting

East Valley Tribune - ‎Aug 16, 2009‎
Valley Metro is starting next month a series of four Webinars, with the goal of teaching local businesses how to successfully implement telecommuting

Momentum for telework and work life balance: balancing act of 2009 - ‎Aug 16, 2009n‎
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin Work life balance and telework are gaining momentum as hot topics. Rep. Lynn Woolsey [D-CA6] introduced HR 3047: Balancing Act of

DJ Taylor: What’ll it be, torture or Jordan?

Independent - Dj Taylor - ‎Aug 15, 2009‎
Oddly enough, hardly any of the raptly adumbrated inventions it went on about – gyrocopter fleets, telecommuting and all the rest of it – have come to pass.

American Indians With Disabilities Vocational Rehabilitation

Targeted News Service (subscription) - Gema Viana - ‎Aug 15, 2009‎
and informed choice, so that they may prepare for and engage in gainful employment, including self-employment, telecommuting, or business ownership.

Fire Briefs: Aug. 15, 2009

San Jose Mercury News - ‎Aug 15, 2009‎
The Satellite Telework Center is offering families affected by the Lockheed fire a place to do work, get Internet access or fill out paperwork.

Getting to work during a BART strike

San Francisco Chronicle - David R. Baker - ‎Aug 14, 2009‎
Talk to your boss about telecommuting. Try shifting your work schedule to skip what could be a horrific rush hour on the Bay Bridge.

Commuters, transit agencies prepare for strike

KGO-TV - Lyanne Melendez - ‎Aug 14, 2009‎
For others, telecommuting may be the most sensible option. Some businesses have already offered some employees the option of working from home Monday.

Telecommuting grows as alternative option

Milwaukee Business Journal - Molly Newman - ‎Aug 14, 2009‎
From 2007 to 2009, several companies in Wisconsin and northern Illinois shifted their alternative work options from compressed workweeks to telecommuting,

North and South Bay in for Traffic Hell Too

NBC Bay Area - Marie C. Baca - ‎Aug 14, 2009‎
“Commuters are encouraged, whenever possible, to use alternatives such as carpools, flexible work hours or telecommuting to decrease congestion on the

Jobless Told to Network, but Some Stay Silent and Keep Up Appearances

ABA Journal - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
She tells neighbors who see her at home during the day that she is telecommuting, and she and her husband make up excuses when friends ask them to join them

Chatter: What we’re hearing

GlobalPost - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
“Apart from the fever and a sore throat, I feel well and in good shape to carry out my work by telecommuting,” the 68-year-old said in a statement.

Human resource expert: Prepare now for post-recession market

Colorado Springs Gazette - ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
enhance what Gen Xers and Millennials value: flexible hours, generous vacation policies, telecommuting, relaxed dress codes and the latest technology.”

Remote Access Technology: The Great Enabler

ADVANCE - ‎Aug 10, 2009‎
It also opens doors for the development of telecommuting programs. Patty: Remote access has improved the way other industries operate and deliver services

American Indians With Disabilities Vocational Rehabilitation

Targeted News Service (subscription) - ‎Aug 15, 2009‎
and informed choice, so that they may prepare for and engage in gainful employment, including self-employment, telecommuting, or business ownership.

DJ Taylor: What’ll it be, torture or Jordan?

Independent - ‎Aug 15, 2009‎
Oddly enough, hardly any of the raptly adumbrated inventions it went on about – gyrocopter fleets, telecommuting and all the rest of it – have come to pass.

The business case for sustainable IT

eChannelLine - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
Among the most promising cost-saving sustainable practices respondents identified were allowing telecommuting, using mobile technology, and conducting

Swine Flu in the News (press release) - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
“Aside from the discomfort of the fever and sore throat, I feel in good shape and in full capacity to carry out my work by telecommuting,” Arias said in a

Employee loyalty: Get loyal or get out! - ‎Aug 14, 2009‎
Then there is the idea of “alternative benefits” that have also expanded to include a variety of perks from flexible scheduling to telecommuting options.

Insurance company looks to fill 73 positions in Abilene - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
“I do know that some of the new positions will be telecommuting opportunities,” she said. A Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma news release initially

H1N1 Flu and the Upcoming School Year

Kingwood News - ‎Aug 10, 2009‎
Employers should explore telework alternatives when possible given the nature of the business. Telework refers to activity of working away from the usual

For some US Jews, recession is catalyst for aliyah

Jewish Telegraphic Agency - ‎Aug 10, 2009‎
He plans to continue working in his current position by way of “commuting and telecommuting” from Israel. In the Israeli town of Chashmonaim, located about

Employers turn to flexible workplace options to reduce need for

CCH - ‎Aug 10, 2009‎
In fact a quarter of the employers (26 percent) specifically used flexible workplace options—from reduced work weeks to telecommuting—to minimize the need

Do you phone it in?

North Country Public Radio - ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
As a fellow tele-commuter (I work from my home most days) I hope to give listeners a sense for some of the pros and cons of this professional lifestyle.

Open Source’s Green Genes

Wi-Fi Planet - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
Because open source software development lends itself to telecommuting, developers don’t need a special commute, a special office, or even special clothes

“Parsing personalities”

Bend Bulletin - ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
A: I’ve been telecommuting since I got started, with a telephone and then the fax, so it’s forced me to be much more (information-technology)-based than if

What’s a renter to do?

Greensboro News Record - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
Focus on what you can do, which is a lot: recycling, composting, telecommuting, weather-stripping your windows and doors, using non-toxic cleaning products,

Capturx is useful addition to digital pen world - ‎Aug 10, 2009‎
You can share your notes with other users, a real bonus in this world of telework. You could even use the pen without the ink. Say you were behind enemy

Locating For Growth

TMC Net - ‎Aug 12, 2009‎
The Telework Coalition estimates net benefits of $10000 to $20000 per agent per year. Utilizing home-based agents lowers labor market barriers,

The theory of digital relativity

ProPrint - ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
Teleconferencing and telecommuting are becoming routine. We learn from webinars and online courses. Most of our day is spent basking in the glow of an LCD

Women lawyers work the GFC

The New Lawyer - ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
of the 50 best law firms for women, nearly all have started offering reduced schedules to lawyers, while 62 per cent offer full-time telecommuting,

Desktop Virtualization: A Scalable Solution for Small and Medium

IT Business Edge - ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
With the number of traveling and telecommuting employees continuing to rise, the convenience of logging in to a virtual desktop is undeniable.

Workplace pilot produces happier and more productive workers

Media Newswire (press release) - ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
The pilot, conducted during June, encouraged participants to trial telecommuting, compressing the working week, or starting and finishing work earlier or

USDOT’s new bike sharing program is a bike

Greater Greater Washington - ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
The feds actually are leaders in some aspects, given how ubiquitous compressed schedules and telework is. In a given pay pariod, I can telecommute once

Citizen dividends and oil resource rents, a focus on Alaska

Vanguard - ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
Three years maternity leaves, broad part-time opportunities and creative application of telecommuting help keep women in the work force.

Woman Trades Oil for Daughter, Pets (Pressemitteilung) - ‎Aug 13, 2009‎
“Then a new manager who didn’t believe in telecommuting was assigned to lead my team. At that point, I had to make a decision – take care of my daughter at

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CPS Technologies Corporation Announces Second Quarter 2009 Results

Earthtimes (press release) - ‎Aug 11, 2009‎
for electricity generation; our flip chip heatspreaders are used in routers and switches for the internet which in turn allows telecommuting.

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