More work at home jobs opening up in 2012

There’s good news if you want to work at home. According to SHRM (that’s Sherm, as in the Society for Human Resource Management), more flexible workplace programs and policies are being deployed that allow telecommuting, flexible work hours, compressed workweeks, phased retirement and other practices that allow people like you to better manage work, leisure and family responsibilities.

Are businesses doing this out of the goodness of their little pea-pickin’ pin-stripped hearts? Heck no. Our research shows there’s all kinds of savings for employers, employees, and their community—even the world. But employers like the idea because it’s a good business strategy.

Staples Advantages, the business-to-business division of Staples Inc., did some research, too, and found that 86 percent of telecommuters said they felt better and were more productive when they work from home. The people working at home said their stress levels had dropped 25 percent on average and their overall happiness has increased 28 percent since they started working from home. 80 percent said with telecommuting they maintained a better work/life balance.

So what’s not to like? Company wins because employees win. So there are more work at home jobs for you. Win, win, win.

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