Transcription Jobs Scam

GMR Transcription posted a comment here that they’re looking for transcriptionists who can work from home.

Maybe, maybe not.

There’s a whole thread of comments on a forum about GMR being a scam.

Watch out for GMR Transcription. They say they hire transcriptionists. You transcribe a sample audio and then they immediately send it back and say you made several errors, yet they will not let you see the corrections! Then right below that message, there is a place you can click on to “become a certified transcriptionist.” That leads you to a site where you can PAY for a course in transcription. I have been transcribing for major companies for 30 plus years. I have a bachelor’s degree in business. Yet my sample was immediately turned down by them. I hate to see these scams out there when people need jobs so badly. It’s just not fair. I wish we could stop them.

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