February 26, 2009

Who Works At Home?

Who Works From Home? Details Revealed by WorldatWork

As we mentioned in our blog last week, WorldatWork has just published its annual study, Telework Trendlines 2009. One of the things their report shows is what kind of people are currently working from home. Here are the details:

  • Gender
    61% male, 39% female
  • Age
    Age 18-34 = 42%
    Age 35-54 = 48%
    Age 55+ = 8%
    Mean Age = 40.3, Median Age = 38
  • Education:
    High School or less = 23%
    Some College or Vocational Training = 28%
    College Graduate = 50%
    Post Graduate Degree = 15%
  • Household Income
    Under $40,000 = 10%
    $40-75,000 = 32%
    >$75,000 = 52%
Work At Home Office

Work At Home Office

Note that while the majority of people who work at home have college degrees, even folks who didn’t have the opportunity to sample lousy cafeteria food and toga parties are successful home-based employees, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. And whatever your age, sex, or income, you can work from home too.

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One Response to Who Works At Home?

  1. Susan Edmond says:

    Looking for something I can do at home to make extra money. If it works out ,work at home full time. I have a GED and I work at a embroidery shop. I really don’t know what I am qualified to do at home.Hoping to get a few ideas.

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