September 2, 2008

Will Work From Home Species Develop?

Domus Remotus: (col. telecommuting): a form of work, most commonly found in progressive organizations, though sometimes in declining organizations, where employees conduct work remotely from their place of work. Colors — neutral; Habits - shy. Vb. to telework

Domus Electronicus Rustica Grand Britanicus: (col. telework): a rare sub-species of working at home, originally American, most commonly found in remote rural areas, sometimes under thatches of natural fibers. Colors-natural; Habits-shy. Pl. teleworkers or telecommuting  Vb. to telework-the act of employees working in or from a house while using electronic communications.

T/H to InnoVisions Canada

*P.S. this is a totally inaccurate depiction of evolution, by the way. If you don’t undestand why you might want to read up a little on the topic.

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One Response to Will Work From Home Species Develop?

  1. David says:

    It is already happening. I mean look at all the material out there helping people start their buisiness and stay sane doing it.

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