May 12, 2008

Weekly Telecommuting News Summary 051208

UK prepares for Work from Home Day, UK - May 12, 2008
The telecommuting ‘day of action’ on 15 May follows new TUC research which shows an increase of 600000 in the number of home workers in the UK in the past
Q&A: Why telecommuting can be a bad trip - for non-teleworkers, Canada - May 12, 2008
But recently, a study of mine was published in the journal Human Relations that investigates telework’s impact on co-workers. Essentially, the study found
No answers to crisis in workforce housing, FL - May 12, 2008
Is your company allowing more telecommuting, promoting mass transit or car pooling, or offering some other help? Tell me about it.
New leader has large task
El Paso Times, TX - May 12, 2008
Options under consideration include allowing some people to telecommute — which involves working at a Fort Bliss “federal work center” and transmitting the
Gas pains push workers to try telecommuting
MSNBC - May 12, 2008
By Eve Tahmincioglu Sean, a software engineer for a telecommunications company in Pennsylvania, has always wanted to telecommute but he didn’t push the
Next generation of business software could get more fun
Chicago Tribune, United States - May 12, 2008
It affects any company where telecommuting, outsourcing and globalization have spread the staff across cultures and time zones. At Intel Corp., for example,
Green IT key to achieving a low carbon economy
Manila Bulletin, Philippines - May 12, 2008
This includes IT-enabled benefits such as virtualization, energy-efficient computing, telecommuting and online transactions. “Connecting with customers
Taking up this job ‘offer’ will only get you in trouble, IN - May 12, 2008
Talk to your boss about telecommuting. If that’s not possible, put on the ol’ thinking cap and come up with a work-at-home idea of your own.
EDITORIAL: It’s Tele-Working
TMCnet - May 11, 2008
Virginia also has established a program through the Department of Rail and Public Transportation called Telework!VA, which provides state incentives to
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - May 11, 2008
gas-wasting vehicles on the freeway and trim his fuel bill if he alters the timing of his work commute, or starts telecommuting from home.
Area lags in access to Web
Richmond Times Dispatch, VA - May 11, 2008
and for telecommuting, Munchel said. “That’s what allows folks to live in this area,” Munchel said. “Because they have broadband, they can telecommute.
Here are two quick fixes for the problems on I-95
The Free Lance-Star, VA - May 11, 2008
Create a tax incentive program for companies that employ a telecommute program to take vehicles off the road. This will also create more supply of gas,
Work policies with family in mind
The Union Leader, NH - May 10, 2008
A company could also allow its workers to telecommute on a regular basis — working from home can provide valuable benefits of time saved, and a parent can
Businesses win commuter awards
The Express Times, PA - May 10, 2008
offering a compressed workweek, flextime or telecommuting options; offering commute subsidies; and encouraging carpool activities.
Telecommuting risks out of sight, out of mind
San Gabriel Valley Tribune, CA - May 10, 2008
Workers in today’s economy should probably approach the issue of telecommuting with caution, he said. “You don’t want to make too many demands on employers
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA - May 10, 2008
who resisted last year’s budget because of its hidden deficit. A $7 toll may be coming on the Golden Gate Bridge? Time to telecommute from the hot tub.
Africa must produce or perish
New Sudan Vision, Canada - May 10, 2008
One catalyst for such prosperity could be telecommuting. If 300 million Africans could work for companies located in the West (just as millions of Indians
Officescape Releases a Comprehensive Module of V2.0 Audio
TechWhack (press release), India - May 10, 2008
It has established the industry benchmark with its Office On Demand, Virtual Office and Telework Center services. Officescape is the leader in providing the
FAYETTEVILLE : Field of study tells all in job prospects
Arkansas Democrat Gazette, AR - May 10, 2008
“That might mean flex time, or being able to telecommute — especially with gas prices. Setting their own work hours, so they can get to other things in life
Damage control: It’s prudent to have a disaster plan, Canada - May 9, 2008
“Everybody in the industry is saying, ‘all of our employees will telecommute.’ Well, when everyone goes on the Internet at once, what happens?
Creating a new economy: Group promotes the region as a destination
Salem Gazette,  USA - May 9, 2008
It’sa characteristic of knowledge workers to be able to work almost anywhere — home studios, small offices or in telecommuting jobs.
Slouching toward telecommuting: IT’s newest challenge
CNET, CA - May 9, 2008
“Companies weren’t ready for mass telecommuting back when avian flu was a hot topic. And it’s doubtful that they are ready now.” That may be true, but IT,
Burlington Walks For Way To Go! Week
WCAX, VT - May 9, 2008
to save 500000 pounds of greenhouses gasses this week using alternative forms of transportation, including biking, riding the bus and telecommuting.
Stunning Shredded Paper Furniture: Recycling Takes A Leap
Environmental Graffiti, UK - May 9, 2008
It’s part of the reason why I enjoy telecommuting so much, and why I am so effing psyched to find out you can make furniture out of shredded paper.
Ericom Delivers Desktop Virtualization (VDI) Solution Based on
SYS-CON Media, NJ - May 9, 2008
of today’s IT challenges including desktop management, privacy of information, IT optimization, business continuity, green computing and telecommuting.
Who is Responsible for Green Mobile Phones?
Dialaphone, UK - May 9, 2008
Everything from using energy-efficient climate control in their buildings to allowing some employees to telecommute can make their impact on the world a
Working moms manage careers from home
Berkshire Eagle, MA - May 9, 2008
Now, as telecommuting and outsourcing become more common, many mothers find themselves closer to being able have it both ways.
Some Moms Would Take Pay Cut for Time with Kids
HR Magazine, VA - May 9, 2008
the importance of retaining star employees is requiring them to implement benefits,” such as flex schedules, telecommuting and other company-wide
Civis Humanus and the New Urbanism
Napa Valley Register, CA - May 9, 2008
The changing workforce, the nature of the contemporary economy and the rise of telecommuting and the virtual workplace has also played significant roles in
Oil’s superspike may make telecommuting the norm
ZDNet - May 9, 2008
Can the price of crude–currently above $125 a barrel and the high gas prices that go with it–make telecommuting the norm? These questions come up typically

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