February 20, 2008

Home Based Work Is Where You Find It

Bruce Olds in Tampa FL builds detailed, full-size metal replicas of NASA space capsules in his basement. And they’re good enough to be displayed in musems. It all just goes to prove that work is where you find it, especially when it comes to a home based business.


Olds studied automotive mechanics at Tampa Bay Technical High School and later took night classes, learning welding, plumbing and air-conditioning repair. In 1999 he read a book titled “Chariots for Apollo” that described the fate of 15 lunar excursion modules, and his obsession began.

Now, although his market is small and his product is expensive ($40,000 plus shipping), his obsession is a home-based business and his full-time job.

Spacecraft Exhibits is on the web at http://home.earthlink.net/~spacecraftex/

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