March 13, 2008

Your Tax Dollars Work At Home

A pioneer in many things, the National Science Foundation (NSF) is also a leader in the federal work-at-home program.

NSF is a $6 billion dollar federal agency. Their research grants account for over 20% of all federally funded college and university-based research. They support over 200,000 scientists, engineers, teachers, and students across the nation.


But if you’re picturing a bunch of Einstein-types hovered over their bunsen-burners in some 50′s-style government lab, you’ve got it all wrong. Dilbert, with Dogbert at his feet, is closer to the truth. Almost 70% of NSF’s full time staff administer the programs that help the solve the mysteries of the universe from the comforts of their own home offices. And they appear to love it!

A recent poll conducted in cooperation with the Telework Exchange, a work-at-home advocacy group, showed that 32% of NSF’s 1,200 employees telecommute at least one day a week, and 68% telecommute occasionally. Among them:

- 77% report less frequent interruptions

- 67% report increased productivity

-63% report better work/life balance

Once again proving that working from home isn’t for everyone, about 130 NSF staffers prefer not to work from home.As for the managers of home-based employees:

- 84% view telecommuting as favorable

- Two-thirds work from home themselves

- Two-thirds do not find it difficult to manage their work-at-home staff

- Two-thirds find that telecommuting requires minimal to no change in how work is done

As a result of their telecommuting success, NSF is one of the environmentally-friendliest Federal agencies: Each year the average NSF telecommuter saves $1,201 in commuting costs, reduces their carbon emissions by 1,751 pounds — 12% of their carbon footprint, and they save 62 hours of commuting time.

Collectively NSF telecommuters save $738,615, reduce carbon emissions by 1.1 million pounds, and over 4,700 man-days they would have otherwise spent in traffic.

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2 Responses to Your Tax Dollars Work At Home

  1. SK Williams says:

    I would like to know what is available for a Student who needs a Telecommute job. Thanks.

  2. Tom says:

    Visit your school’s student employment office and ask them that question.

    If you’re savvy about computers you might find a job doing tech support, for example. If you’re an exceptionally good typist you might find work as a transcriptionist. There are lots of other opportunities if you have something to offer an employer. Remember, they pay you because they think you’re going to help them make more money. If you have no skills, no initiative, no work ethic why would they hire you?

    Nobody owes you anything, you have to make the effort to produce. If you won’t or can’t, why would anyone hire you?

    This rant, by the way, isn’t directed at you.

    But more and more I have the sense, from comments here, that people feel they’re entitled to a job they like that will make lots of money just because they want it. They aren’t. They EARN a job because they have something to offer.

    Do you?

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