March 12, 2008

Work At Home On Georgia’s Mind

Telecommuting Tax Credit—Georgia Leads The Way

If you want to work at home and you live in Georgia, you may want to get that spare bedroom ready thanks to a new law that encourages telecommuting. Under the law, employers are eligible for a one-time tax credit of up to $20,000 (to offset program set-up costs), plus annual tax credits of up to $1,200 per work-at-home employee. Eligible expenses include equipment, software, and maintenance.

The Georgia General Assembly has allotted up to $2 million in credits for the 2008 tax year. Employers will be informed of acceptance by December 31, 2007. Credits will be taken after purchases or payment in the form of a credit for the 2008 tax year.

Way to go Georgia!

Work From Home Cheered On By Georgia

Now for the bad news—turns out last week was National Telework Week—not that you’d know it from the fanfare it received . . . or more to the point, didn’t receive. Even we didn’t know it until last Friday when we spotted a Census Bureau podcast. You can bet we’ll be on it like buzzards on roadkill next year.

Roadkill Cafe

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