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Design Your Work At Home Office

As recently as the early 90’s the home office meant a company’s headquarters. If you worked in an office at home people figured you’d been laid off, or if they were charitable they assumed you were a freelancer. Now more about 30 million Americans are working from home at least part time, and 70% of […]

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Telecommute To War?

If you work at home you aren’t necessarily a telecommuter; but if you’re a telecommuter you probably work at home. Clear? I didn’t think so. Look at it this way, fundamentally the difference is whether you work for someone else or are self-employed. If you work for an organization that lets you work from home […]

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Work At Home, Get Taxed at Office

Telecommuters are being taxed by states where they don’t live, vote or use schools, libraries, fire departments and other services. That’s because their employers are based in states that assess income tax on nonresident employees, regardless of how often they visit the office. States are waking up to the idea that nonresident telecommuters are an […]

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Work-At-Home: Weekly News

We’re delighted by how much ink working-at-home and telecommuting topics are receiving from the press. Starting today, and each Monday hereafter, we’ll share links to the best articles we’ve seen on the topic in the past week. Let us know if you find it as fascinating as we do. Tomorrow–stay tuned for the next in […]

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