Telework Tax Credit Bill Introduced

Congressman Rob Wittman introduced the Telework Tax Incentive Act (H.R. 710) which would provide eligible taxpayers with an annual tax credit up to $1,000. Eligible taxpayers are those who work at home at least 75 days per year, and the tax credit would be given for expenses such as furnishings and electronic equipment.

“The telework tax credit aims to break down financial barriers to telework, increase worker productivity, provide for continuity of operations, and reduce traffic congestion through incentivizing a flexible work environment,” Wittman said in a press release that announced the bill. “Tax breaks in the current economic climate are critical for individuals and families, as we work for solutions to alleviate economic burdens and get the economy going again. In addition, a tax credit can be a motivator for individuals considering telework as an option to avoid a long commute and reduce overall traffic congestion.”

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