Work At Home / Telework Savings Calculatorâ„¢

Our exclusive Work at Home Savings Calculatorâ„¢ helps you discover how much you can save by working at home. More than you  think!

Are You Ready to Work at Home?    

A self-assessment review that  will help you determine if you have what it takes to work from home.  Not everyone can or should.

What Are Your Telework Prospects?

Here are a few questions to consider if you work for a company and want to start telecommuting. If you discover your prospects are low, consider striking out on your own.  But don’t burn any bridges until you have something lined up.

Best Bet Work From Home Employers  

Companies that will consider work-from-home arrangements once employees have proven themselves, most often a part-time arrangement. U.S. average is 2.4 days per week.

Full eWork Companies

Some employers have embraced telecommuting wholeheartedly. Some don’t  have, and never have had, an office anywhere.

Work at Home Resources

Job Boards Specializing in Work at Home Jobs

Home Office Equipment

Setting up a  home office  is an essential part of working at home, and there are some things you’ll need that are essential to working at home and a home office lifestyle.

22 Home Office Ideas  

Here’s a home office assessment, adapted from one created by the Oregon Department of Energy, that will help give you some thought starters so you set up your home office  right.  

Top WAH Products and Services

Freebies & Deals On Our Favorite Stuff for Home-Based Businesses, Work-At-Home Professionals, and Freelancers


If you’ve been ripped off by a work at home scam, don’t get mad, get even and report it!

Free Books

Find free books on telecommuting, freelancing and home based businesses.

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