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The Best of Both – Commute in Bunny Slippers

A Firmware Engineer at Tesla Motors (they make a very cool electric sports car that goes 0-60 in 4 seconds!) decided to build these all-electric pink bunny slippers just to see if they could. If you have a home based business, freelance and work from home, or telecommute, these babies are just the ticket. They […]

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How To Find Money To Start a Home-based Business

If you’re starting a business and   need money to turn your dreams into reality, you have several options: You can borrow the money you need and incur a debt, a debt you’ll have to repay; You can sell part of your company to investors and exchange equity for the money you need; or You […]

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Work-At-Home and Make Your Banker Happy

Do you own a small business? Wanna make your banker love you? Well, maybe not love you, but certainly like you enough to renew that line of credit? When economic times get tough, bankers worry about their business borrowers. If they don’t think you’re payin’ attention to the economic downturn, that could mean curtains for […]

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