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Takes all kinds. Now there’s a website that’s proclaiming affiliation with Fortune Magazine, and swears, swears, they want to to protect you from a scam. And then they turn right around and scam you.

I can’t tell from reading the malarkey at if they’re just stooopit or if they really think what they’re doing is not dishonest. They claim to have nothing but legitimate telecommuting jobs and jobs where you will work at home. And they apparently know the word is out that you should never have to pay for a job-employers pay to attract you.

So what do they do? No charge to see the list, they say. But you do have to make a contribution of $20.99 to their website operating fund. Oh, puh-leez! AND they use a .org web address to try to give themselves the air of respectability. Yeah, right.

But don’t take our word for it. There are over 1,000 Google hits talking about them as a scam.

More and more lately, people seem to think reality is whatever they want it to be. Anything they can think of is true, just because they think it is. And if they say they aren’t charging to use the site, well, then they aren’t. If you don’t count the required contribution, of course.

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  1. Sandra Bakerson says:

    I had ran into that site,, and I did order the database, and I did receive many, many legit online job openings from their database. It was well worth the 20.99 to me, it saved me a lot of time because I have been searching for these kind of jobs for a long time.

    Also, you stated that they say no charge to see the list, but I don’t see that stated anywhere on the website. I have heard nothing but good things about the site and from pressing on the link you provided, I did not see where they are being spoken of as a scam, I only see where they posted jobs on classified sites.

    Just FYI,

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  4. Vickie says:

    I’m with Sandra, ONLINE JOBS TODAY.ORG IS NOT A SCAM. I too purchased the Database, I get daily updates to over 2,000 real, genuine jobs. I also get to keep this database FOREVER! They are completely Legitimate.
    Tom Harnish is a competitor of thiers, and is only trying to trash there good name because he is a competitor and wants thier customers business.

    What a shabby and unprofessional way to do business! Also, Tom you don;s know hoe to spell - stoopit is not how you spell stupid, so we can see that you didn’t even finish 7th grade.


  5. Tom says:

    Hi Vickie (decided not to be Sandra or Cindy today, eh?),

    Only one problem with your argument - we’re not your competitor. We don’t try to sell access to a jobs database that people can get elsewhere, or here, for free.

    If you’d be willing to give me free access to your site for 24 hours I’d be happy to retract what I’ve said (and hundreds of other people have said) if I (and they) are incorrect. If you want to argue business practices, the best way I know of is to allow someone with no vested interest to assess the situation, and I’d be happy to do that for you. We’ve made others that offer and have looked at sites for readers before. And the offer is always open to anyone considering a questionable job offer or ‘opportunity’.

    Incidentally, your last paragraph is what’s called an ad hominem attack. It’s used by people who are unable to make a compelling argument based on facts, so instead they resort to silly accusations. Always says more about the accuser than the accused.

  6. Vickie says:

    Man, now I am even more convinced that you are “stoopit” as you spelled it when you called that to ME. At Online Jobs Today, we sell a Digital Product. It is a Database that you download onto your computer, and within the Database are hundreds of companies and thousands of online jobs that have been pre-screeened for legitimacy. It is like a “Safe haven” where one can go and not have to worry about being scammed. NONE OF THE COMPANIES IN THE DATABASE COST ANYTHING TO APPLY FOR OR GET A JOB. Once you have the Database of Online Jobs dwonloaded onto your computer, you will receive AUTOMATIC UPDATES AND IT’S YOURS FOREVER!

    So Tom, quit trying to get my UNIQUE NICHE and wonderful product for free!!!! LOL

  7. Tom says:

    For someone who claims to have a legitimate business, Vickie, you have a very strange idea of how to relate to customers and the media. Our site is here to help people find legitimate work at home jobs, locate freelance work, and start home-based businesses while steering them clear of scams.

    In fact, if your site really offers what it says it does, we’d be eager to tell folks about it. Such a service is hardly unique, but a really good one is rare.

    If you are legitimate I’m surprised your not willing to do whatever it takes to get a good review, including offering a reviewer who obviously thinks your site is a rip-off the opportunity to be proven wrong., Career Builder, Yahoo! Hot Jobs, Craigslist, Jobster, Indeed, Simply Hired and others all went out of there way to help us evaluate what they have to offer for the book we wrote.

    You seem to have a different strategy. Claiming first to be a customer and then admitting that was a lie sure hasn’t changed my view.

  8. Susan Landers says:

    If anyone has read this and beleives all of this malarchy and is not going to buy my Database Of Online Jobs because of this blog owned by Tom Harnish and “His Opinions”, please go to my website, email me, and I will be happy to give you a half price discount.
    Susan Landers

  9. Tom Harnish says:

    Malarcy (sic)? When you refused to let us review your product we bought it ourselves. It’s a rip off just as we suspected.

    It’s not a database of “thousands of legitimate work at home jobs” as you claim. It’s a 17 page PDF with 144 links to websites (two dead sites and two duplicates), 43 job boards (free sites that list jobs), 43 companies that may or may not hire teleworkers and may or may not be hiring, 11 “business opportunity” sites (most of which appear to be scams), 7 sites that only sell web hosting but no jobs (you labeled them as “HOT!”), and various other questionable “jobs,” including a company looking for “phone actresses” for telephone sex sites!

    Even at half price it’s a rip off, because you misrepresent what you sell. Did we get “…an extensive database filled with over 3000 legitimate online jobs“ as your site claims?

    If a list is a database, we could offer to sell people a list with just one link, to Google, and claim we were selling a database of millions of companies and job opportunities. That would be fraud and dishonest too.

    Don’t believe us? See what the Better Business Bureau has to say (tip number three).

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  11. Albert says:

    i’m looking for a online job right now…and i just wanna make sure if i got the right on line job…thank you..

  12. dineshkeedayil says:


  13. muhammad zia says:

    i need some jobs urjently

  14. Hilarious says:

    Classic. “Vickies” first post tried to make her appear as a customer that had personally purchased the database from online jobs and was satisfied. And then after she’s called out on it, she drops the facade and admits to being the owner of the company. I don’t see how anyone could trust a company with an owner that does such things. I am 100% convinced that this onlinejobstoday site is a scam. What a joke.

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