10 Surprising Work-From-Home Jobs

When people think of work from home jobs, several “typical” job types come to mind: customer service, information technology, and blogging just to name a few. But over the last decade, telecommuting jobs have grown 41%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and the variety of jobs that can be done from home is quite surprising.

Here are ten real work from home jobs that you may not have thought about before. And if you don’t see a job that sparks your interest on this list, keep in mind that if your work is mainly done using computers, phones, or other means of remote communication, it can probably be done from home too.

Registered Nurse Clinical Case Manager - Nursing jobs are a growing telecommuting option and in this role, the job seeker would be responsible for assessing the health of insurance program members and providing care planning activities and services.

High School Teacher - Virtual high schools, both public and alternative, have grown leaps and bounds over the last few years. Certified teachers in subjects like English, Spanish, Science, Sociology, Special Education, and even Physical Education are needed to fill a large number of rolls.

Principal Scientist - No longer are scientists confined to laboratories. With advancements in technology, scientists can now find work from home jobs where they’ll analyze clinical data, design components, train staff, review documentation and attend client meetings.

Independent Filmmaker - Content websites are increasingly turning to short videos to capture readers’ attention. Experienced independent filmmakers can find flexible schedule positions working remotely producing short films on a variety of topics.

Legal Advocacy Counsel - Depending on one’s specialized legal area of expertise, lawyers can find telecommuting jobs where they’ll provide legal research, writing, and consultations for organizations and companies, all from the comfort of a home office.

Medical Director - For those with medical or veterinary doctorate degrees, organizations are hiring telecommuting medical directors. These roles entail managing direct reports in the field, producing reports, and providing training.

Government Manager - Federal government departments and agencies have been increasing their telecommuting opportunities over the last two years. Professionals interested in working for the U.S. government can find jobs in the Federal Highway Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and others. Job titles include Senior Counsel, Program Manager, Analyst, Transportation Specialist, and Director.

Translation and Subtitler - If you have the ability to speak and write in multiple languages, plenty of telecommuting jobs exist for you. Film and video companies need people to translate foreign language films into English and to write subtitles, as do publishers and websites. Fluency is required for this work from home job.

Personal Historian - The popularity of family history research has grown into its own industry. For people who love speaking with people, doing historical research, and recording personal stories, telecommuting personal historian jobs are an excellent choice.

Therapist - Licensed clinical social workers and psychologists can find work-from-home jobs counseling clients. Rather than a traditional office setting, telecommuting therapists use video chat and phone to communicate with and assist clients.

If you’ve been interested in working from home but aren’t sure if your career field translates into a telecommuting role, you’re in luck. As technology advances and employers continue to discover the perks of hiring telecommuting employees, more and more career fields will become telecommute-eligible.

Brie Weiler Reynolds wrote this guest post. She’s the Content and Social Media Director at FlexJobs, the award-winning site for telecommuting and flexible job listings, and a former career advisor. At FlexJobs, Brie offers job seekers career and work-life balance advice through the FlexJobs Blog and social media.

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