Work at Home Job - Be An Idiot And Get Paid

Your bill says you watched that pay-per-view movie 13 times, non-stop. So you call the cable company, and the idiot you talk to says that’s tough, the computer says you watched it so you did, and you’ll pay for it or we’ll turn off your cable service, so there. Well guess what, boys and girls, you can be one of those idiots too!

That’s right, cable companies are looking for people to “work from home educating and assisting our customers with their bills, which can be very complicated. You will be responsible for ensuring it’s a great experience for each and every customer. The work is fast paced and your performance will be closely monitored.” Gag.

Have you ever, even once, had “a great experience” talking to your cable company? Or for that matter has a Billing Customer Service Representative ever had a great experience talking to a customer—I’m sure they love being closely monitored?

Okay, maybe cable comapnies aren’t as bad as the phone companies (or maybe they are-one cell phone company rep actually told us, “I’m sorry, you have to come into the office, we can’t do business over the phone”), but customer service jobs in a call center or at home, regardless of who you work for, have to be for masochists. For that matter, if you’re anal retentive, one company even has a Customer Retention position available just for you.

Still, all this does suggest that yet another segment of the marketplace has recognized the advantages of working from home. Check it out, this might be for you, especially if you aren’t an idiot.

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