Telecommuting Weekly News Summary

Ask Steve: What Wireless Tools do Smaller Businesses Need?, NY - May 19, 2008
The type of mobile working (eg, intra-office, local travel, long-distance travel, and telecommuting) varies based on a variety of characteristics including
Breakfast marks ‘Curb Your Car Week’, NY - May 19, 2008
Walking, biking, carpooling, taking the bus and telecommuting are encouraged. Bagels and coffee will be provided by Starbucks and Bagel Land.
Grkavac: Focus on Doan’s record, VA - May 19, 2008
It has taken a leadership position on telework, which could improve employee morale. Yet all of these accomplishments are still important, not because they
Frost & Sullivan Lauds RADVISION’s Product Strength and Market
Earthtimes (press release), UK - May 19, 2008
With almost 100 million US workers expected to telework by 2010, vendors should be looking to develop solutions that have freely distributable software RVSN
The perfect ‘absentee’ employee
Expatica Belguim, Belgium - May 19, 2008
But Stanley says despite these concerns, research has shown increased productivity through telework/telecommuting. “That equates into better business
Index of Illinois tech firms seeks to boost industry’s image
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - May 19, 2008
The list also aims to show that tech jobs are valuable in the midst of a weak economy, with good salaries, telecommuting possibilities and a diversity of
Back-seat Driver: With gas at $4 a gallon, trains fill up
Sacramento Bee, USA - May 19, 2008
officials say underfunds them — the governor suggested Sacramentans hop a bus or train during the I-5 closures, or telecommute and work flextime.
A Shift in Voters, but Oregon Still Embraces the Unconventional
New York Times, United States - May 19, 2008
Telecommuting gives way to irrigation. New gives way to old. The latest political news from around the nation. Join the discussion.
Pittsburg Morning Sun, KS - May 19, 2008
He was a SKIL case manager for a time, and then worked with a program that took traditional jobs and set them up in telework situations so people could work
DirectBuy of Fresno provides tips on setting up your home office
dBusinessNews San Francisco (press release), CA - May 19, 2008
With more and more people running businesses out of their home or telecommuting to their “day job” a day or more a week, the home office has had to become
Those who voted for I-695 have no right to complain about ferry
Northwest Progressive Institute Official Blog, WA - May 19, 2008
People stopped riding for a number of reasons, including increased telecommuting and cuts in service. But a major factor is the sharp increase in fares.
Conferencing Leads Green Business Practices
Environmental Leader, CO - May 19, 2008
Fifty-three percent of people said their companies enable employees to telecommute on a case-by-case basis, when it makes sense. To collaborate with remote
When Women Rise
Workforce Management, Ca - May 19, 2008
been understanding when they needed to take time off for the family, and that the company provides schedule flexibility and telecommuting opportunities.
January 2000 archives, part 1
Overlawyered, NY - May 19, 2008
(”Telecommuting and Unions”, Telecommute America California Style). Curiously, the only newspaper we could find that commented favorably on the new OSHA
Solving the Oil Crisis
Atlantic Free Press, Netherlands - May 19, 2008
Encourage (with a tax break) work by telecommuting that would reduce pollution, traffic and unhealthy stress on workers who sit in gridlock twice a day. 6.
Eurofound Presents Findings From the Fourth European Working
PR Newswire UK (press release), UK - May 18, 2008
A significantly higher proportion of Czech workers telework than on average in Europe (18.7% vs 8.3% EU average), and the number of Czech workers using a
Hugh Lessig, David Lerman & Kimball Payne | Shad Plank
Daily Press, VA - May 18, 2008
He also wants to boost the grantor’s tax on home sales by 25 cents per $100 of value and devote the money to a special fund for rail, transit, telecommuting
Workers reluctant to go the distance
Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - May 18, 2008
And with telecommuting on the rise, some wonder whether they have to go into work at all. It’s all because of record-high gas prices. KR
More employers embrace flexible scheduling
Boston Globe, United States - May 18, 2008
Telecommuting, working part time, job sharing, and even ducking out early on summer Fridays are becoming the norm, not the automatic career-stallers they
How Washington’s ferry system got into a mess with no easy fix in
Seattle Times, United States - May 18, 2008
People stopped riding for a number of reasons, including increased telecommuting and cuts in service. But a major factor is the sharp increase in fares.
Instant Answering Service Goes Green - Nationwide Call Center (press release), NY - May 18, 2008
Years ago, telecommuting was seen as a solution to the environmental crisis. Earth day preached about car pooling to work, saving energy, and conserving
County, Chamber are recognized for alternative transit
New Jersey Herald, NJ - May 17, 2008
allowing employees to deduct their commuting costs from their paychecks on a pre-tax basis, providing telecommuting and flextime programs,
Area native hopes to bring branch of business home
The Tribune-Democrat, PA - May 17, 2008
As a project manager for DRIVE Developments of Sterling Heights, Mich., he’s able to telecommute part of the time from his local home and travel to the
Take advantage of the ‘Seven Wonders for a Cool Planet’
Los Angeles Times, CA - May 17, 2008
After all, the computer’s made telecommuting — and the attendant reduction in auto travel — possible. Even though computer use still uses up a lot of
USPTO does its homework, DC - May 17, 2008
Diaz said more than 40 percent of USPTO’s 10000 employees are participating in the telework program. And it’s not just a matter of staff members checking
Where To Find The Best Hourly Employees
Convenience Store Decisions, PA - May 17, 2008
One source is the National Telecommuting Institute ( It offers nationwide training and supervision to individuals with disabilities who
Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Executive Order to Help Ease Congestion
NewsBlaze, CA - May 17, 2008
and practicable use in the impacted Sacramento area of telecommute programs, alternative work schedules, public transit, and video and teleconferencing,
Green workplaces incorporate, encourage technology
WTN News, WI - May 17, 2008
Encourage telecommuting to keep cars off the road. - Offer preferred parking for motorcycles, bicycles and carpool vehicles. - Use real cutlery, dishware,
State workers urged to telecommute
San Francisco Chronicle, USA - May 17, 2008
Arnold Schwarzenegger issued an executive order Friday calling for state workers in Sacramento to telecommute, take transit or alter their work schedules
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